DasCoin: Credibility as the Key to Success

DasCoin, the Currency of Trust and the store of value within Das ecosystem, is built on an innovative permissioned blockchain. It plans to revolutionise the world of digital currencies by becoming a means of payment with more than 60 million retailers worldwide. DasCoin will also enter various different sectors with a variety of innovative blockchain applications and services. DasCoin deals with these challenges with an international management team and a strong community of more than 100,000 license-holders. Both these attributes tend to be neglected by other leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Trust as a digital value

“The informational internet is transforming rapidly into an internet of value. The digitally verified trust in DasCoin is the key to creating a strong, worldwide digital value system,” explains Soon Hock Lim, a member of the board of directors at DasCoin. Mr Lim believes the KYC-compliant and hardware-supported authentication of each DasCoin user represents a tangible value, which can be regarded not least as trust in a true means of payment.

In the 1990s, Soon Hock Lim was managing director of Compaq. In only seven years he contributed significantly to increasing the turnover of the computer manufacturer from 30 million to one billion US dollars. Today he is part of the six-member board of directors who help ensure that important regulations and compliance requirements are observed, just as with any traditional publicly listed company.

Combination of corporate culture and advanced technology

Dr. Eberhard Wedekind has previously worked for companies in Europe and Asia, including as deputy chairman at Volvo CE. He now contributes his knowledge of brand strategy, cultural differences and global due diligence to DasCoin.

Wedekind states clearly why DasCoin is the cryptocurrency of the future, saying: “The fact that DasCoin offers a complete ecosystem with different leading-edge technologies is the key to its broad acceptance as a new currency of trust.”

DasCoin combines the advantages of decentralized and centralized currencies into one hybrid model. This, combined with professional corporate management, strong governance, and a vibrant network has inspired confidence in DasCoin’s supporters. A large company event in Rio in January attracted more than 2,000 guests who watched Michael Mathias, CEO of DasCoin, and others speak on the future of DasCoin and blockchain technology.

How DasCoin plans to separate itself from Bitcoin

In today’s world, cryptocurrencies are under far more scrutiny than ever before. Now, in the tailwind of Bitcoin, many alternative coins and tokens are forcing their way onto the market – and many people are tuning into the world of blockchain. These digital currencies are independent of banks and state intervention, spurred on by Bitcoin’s increase in value by more than 1,000% in 2017. And yet, cryptocurrencies have far from peaked. DasCoin is already demonstrating the powerful potential hiding in digital money.

DasCoin: The benefits of speed

If cryptocurrencies are to be suitable for the broad public, they will have to match up to everyday challenges. Today only a few coins have any true utility at all to be used as means of payment.  Cryptocurrencies need utility to achieve any sort of practicality in people’s everyday life like real estate and investing. DasCoin aims to set new standards in this regard: six seconds per transaction and more than 100,000 transactions per second. In comparison, Bitcoin manages around three transactions per second, and each one can take in excess of 10 minutes to process.

Fixed rules and limitations that will lead to sustainability

DasCoin constantly references its strict compliance protocols, and has confidence it can meet the requirements likely to be imposed on it by regulation. There is a security concept based on authenticated users and a hardware-supported wallet. A “Know Your Customer” identity verification process has been established as DasCoin seeks to be compliant with Anti-Money Laundering rules. In terms of liquidity, DasCoin’s blockchain consists of a meticulously and rigorously constructed architecture featuring a private, permissioned blockchain with enhanced security, inherent efficiency and improved scalability.