Crowdfunding Resources

Check out the crowdfunding resources below for great tips and insight from crowdfunding consultants.

Crowdfunding is growing faster than anyone imagined and opening up a new world for non-profits and small businesses.

The revolution in crowdfunding is picking up speed but you need to stay informed to stay ahead of it. That is why I have compiled a list of crowdfunding resources and the best websites of crowdfunding consultants everything you need to know about investing or running a campaign. The sites below are not the only ones on the internet but they each supply quality news and content that you can count on.

Even rewards-based crowdfunding is still in its infancy and less than half of all projects meet their financial targets. Whether you are an investor, a supporter or someone running a crowdfund campaign, you will need all the information and crowdfunding resources you can get.

These are not the platforms like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo on which you will launch your project. The sites below offer information and services to help make your campaign a success or to help you understand the evolving world of crowdfund investing. Check out my ultimate list of crowdfunding and fundraising websites to find the right platform for your campaign.

Crowdfunding Websites and Crowdfunding Consultants

Crowdfunding Websites and Crowdfunding Consultants

Crowdfunding Resources and Crowdfunding Consultants

Ok, putting my site to the top of the list may be a little shameless but can you blame me? Crowdfunding for creative projects is just gaining momentum and regular investors have been locked out of the world of start-up funding for decades. I am super excited about what the crowdfunding revolution will mean to the future of finance in America. Learn how to make your project personal and build a community from your supporters. Learn how the big money investment firms analyze and make money in start-up funding. Whether an investor or a project campaigner, you’ll find everything you need on Crowd101. Check out our post on crowdfunding promotion scams before you even think of paying someone for crowdfunding marketing.

CrowdsUnite is a great site for researching crowdfunding platforms and which platform is right for your campaign. The site offers one of the best search tools for platforms though you will have to pay for some of the premium features. It’s not a personal blog but offers consulting services and advice in all aspects of running a campaign.

The CrowdFundamentals Rose was named among the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Crowdfunding for 2014 and works as a campaign consultant. Her six-part online learnings series, “Working the Crowd: Know the Fundamentals,” takes you from pre-launch to fulfillment. She brings more than 20 years of writing experience to bring you helpful tips and ideas for your crowdfunding campaign. is a content curator, meaning it collects articles and information from around the web to pass on through its website. What it lacks in personal touch, it more than makes up for in the amount of content and crowdfunding resources you will find. It can be a good source to find others in the crowdfund industry and network.

Crowdfund Insider is a news and information website dedicated to covering the emerging industry of equity crowdfunding and peer lending. The site also offers some information on rewards-based crowdfunding through its team of staff writers.

Daily Crowdsource was founded by David Bratvold as an open-format website to educate the public on the topic of crowdsourcing. The company helps Fortune 500 corporations understand crowdsourcing through unbiased guides, research and consulting.

TheCrowdCafe was founded by Jonathan Sandlund after working in the public and private capital markets. Jonathan believes that capital markets should be open, transparent and accessible to everyone and believes that crowdfunding is doing just that. The site publishes research, data and news primarily with a focus on equity-crowdfunding.

Ayudos promotes and shares crowdfunding campaigns through its site and network of social resources. The site uses new media as well as traditional marketing to promote campaigns along with providing a steady stream of useful information on its blog.

Crowd Crux was started by Salvador Briggman as a way to help individuals run successful crowdfunding campaigns. He is passionate about two things: the crowdfunding industry and helping people reach their fundraising goals. Salvador has a ton of experience and brings it to the blog through interviews, marketing tips and promotional resources.

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