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Hootsuite Review: How to Put Social Media Marketing on Auto-Pilot

Social media marketing for crowdfunding can be exhausting without a social media tool like Hootsuite

One of the biggest myths about crowdfunding is that there’s a ‘crowd’ waiting to support your campaign. Even the largest social networks have a tough time getting their message out and getting people to support the campaign.

Successfully managing your social network to reach as many people means constantly updating followers and reaching new people with news on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

That doesn’t mean sending out a tweet or two each week…or even each day.

It means planning many updates every day on every social platform, interacting with followers and finding influencers that can spread your message to the real crowd.

That kind of work is impossible for one-person campaigns and even more than most small teams can manage. Fortunately, there are social media tools that will automate as much as your social updates as possible.

One of the social tools I’ve used over the last few years is Hootsuite. I put together this Hootsuite review to highlight the features you can use to put your social updates on auto-pilot. Using Hootsuite to automate your social outreach can help you concentrate on other tasks for your crowd campaign.

What is the Hootsuite Social Media Tool?

Hootsuite is a web-based software that allows you to connect all your social media profiles, manage updates and find influencers all from one page. Being web-based means you don’t have to download anything to use all the features.

The core of Hootsuite is the scheduling feature which lets you plan your social media outreach days in advance. You just write in your headline, add a link back to your campaign and add an image if you like. Hootsuite will even show you reactions and engagement to your updates.

Hootsuite tracks your social media activity and puts everything into customizable reports that show which posts are getting the most engagement and best times to post. These reports are invaluable in improving your social outreach to reach as many people as possible.

hootsuite features for social media

Hootsuite Review of Special Features

Hootsuite includes a special feature that finds influencers, people with large and active social networks related to your topic. Connecting with these influencers to share your message is the true power of social media to take your campaign viral.

Use Hootsuite for 30-days free and take your social updates viral

How does Hootsuite Work?

Getting started on Hootsuite takes less than five minutes including creating your account and linking all your social media profiles. You can register for a free account with just your email and a password.

how to use hootsuite social media tool

How to Use Hootsuite

Hootsuite connects to all the most popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. It’s also one of the only social media tools to allow you to manage multiple YouTube accounts.

Connecting your social media accounts lets Hootsuite track your updates and help design a more effective social campaign. You can connect multiple pages and groups from the same networks including personal pages and campaign pages.

Once you connect all your social accounts, you can manage them all from the Hootsuite page rather than logging in to each network separately.

The Hootsuite dashboard is easy to use and intuitive. Each social network is displayed side-by-side with updates for each. You can even set up alarms to notify you when someone responds or engages with one of your updates.

Hootsuite promote your crowdfunding campaign

Hootsuite Social Media Tool

Scheduling messages is quick and can be done for multiple networks at once. You simply click on the icon in the left-side menu which will open up a message box. You can add images, text and links. You can either post immediately, schedule it for a later date or use the Hootsuite auto-scheduler option that determines the best time to post for maximum engagement.

Hootsuite will post social updates automatically from your RSS feed and has a bulk scheduler that can import messages from a csv file and auto-schedule them out, filling your social schedule for weeks.

Hootsuite offers an online chat and email help desk as well as a Hootsuite forum where users trade tips on how to use the platform for effective social campaigns.

How to Use Hootsuite for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

One of the hardest parts about running a crowdfunding campaign is managing everything by yourself. Even if you have a few friends to help you, the constant need for outreach to supporters can be a part-time job by itself.

Using social media effectively means constantly updating supporters and reaching new backers for your campaign. Social updates get buried under a mountain of news in no time which means you need to send out updates regularly to get seen.

  • Twitter updates get buried in less than eight minutes with the vast majority of engagement in less than five minutes. Send at least five to ten tweets a day for maximum exposure.
  • LinkedIn updates get lost in three or four hours on weekdays. Send at least two updates each day during the week.
  • Facebook updates are not even seen by your whole group unless you get ‘likes’ and comments on the post. This means sending out social updates at least once a day and engaging with your fans.

Successfully reaching as many people as possible means being active on multiple social networks and posting multiple times per day on each. That’s impossible for one person, especially when you add in engagement with responses.

That makes a social media management tool like Hootsuite critical to managing everything without going crazy. Hootsuite lets you schedule all your week’s social media updates at once and from one screen. It also helps you target people with a larger crowd and plan the social part of your campaign.

Hootsuite Pricing for Social Media Management

I’ve used Hootsuite for years to manage social media on my five websites. They’ve raised their prices just in the last year but added some extra features to each package.

Hootsuite offers three pricing plans for different business needs.

  • The Professional pricing plan will be sufficient for most small businesses and crowdfunding campaigns. You can connect up to 10 social profiles for one user. The plan includes all the real-time reports and basic features to schedule and manage your posts.
  • If you’re only planning on using Hootsuite for a few months during your campaign, you might want to upgrade to the Team pricing plan which allows you to connect more social profiles, add team members and bulk scheduling.
  • Few users will need the Enterprise pricing plan but it does include some customizable features for larger business needs.
hootsuite review pricing

Hootsuite Pricing

While Hootsuite pricing is competitive with the other social media tools I’ve used, they also offer a 30-day free trial to try out the program. If you consider most crowdfunding campaigns will only need social media management for about three months, that means you’ll only need to pay for two months.

Click to get started and try Hootsuite for 30-days FREE

Hootsuite Review Summary

I’ve reviewed four of the most popular social media tools and Hootsuite is my favorite for general all-around social platforms. For specific social networks like Pinterest, Boardbooster is a better pick but Hootsuite wins out if you want to use all the networks with one tool.

What I like about the Hootsuite social tool

  • Web-based and easy to use on PC or mobile
  • Free trial and low pricing
  • Easy scheduling across many social profiles from one page

What I don’t like about the Hootsuite social tool

  • Free plan has limited features so use it early in your outreach when you don’t need as much
  • Larger campaigns or businesses may need to upgrade to more expensive plans

I reviewed Hootsuite earlier this year and they are continuously adding features so you might want to check out current additions and Hootsuite pricing. The social media tool is an easy platform for crowdfunding campaigns to manage your social network outreach with multiple updates every day. Try out the free trial to see how to use Hootsuite to put your social networking on auto-pilot.

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