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What is an eREIT? [and Why I’m Not Investing]

There are benefits to investing in eREITs but the risks and costs are not always easy to see I’ve been an active investor in real estate crowdfunding for years but there’s one part of the new revolution in real estate investing in which I can’t quite bring myself to invest. eREITs were an obvious next step for real estate crowdfunding in 2015 when regulators still had not written rules to … [Read more...]

Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms for Double-Digit Returns

Learn how to boost returns and diversify your portfolio with the best real estate crowdfunding platforms Real estate crowdfunding still seems like one of those few undiscovered investments that most people aren’t using yet. The first real estate platforms were created less than a decade ago, but the asset only just got going in the last few years. I started my career as a commercial real … [Read more...]

How to Become a Startup Investor for Huge Returns

Understand the risks involved and the process to become a startup investor for your chance into this new type of investment We’ve talked a lot about becoming a startup investor lately, taking advantage of the new opportunity in equity crowdfunding to invest in early-stage companies. We’ve covered returns, risks and a complete how-to in analyzing startup investments. I’ve summarized and linked … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Value Startup Investing Deals

Using multiple methods for startup investing valuation will help to get a better idea of startup investing returns We’ve covered everything from market research to understanding different types of startup investing deals. When it all comes down to it, estimating the potential return on startup investing deals is what it’s all about. Finding the potential return for an startup investing … [Read more...]

Types of Crowdfunding Deals and Investment

Understanding the different types of crowdfunding deals could mean the difference between worthless stock and big returns One of the most common misconceptions about equity crowdfunding investing is that investors assume it will be similar to stock investing. Investors scan one of the many crowdfunding portals for companies in which to invest, thinking that’s all there is to it. The truth is … [Read more...]