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The Pyramid Plan to Pick Real Estate Crowdfunding Investing Deals

Real estate crowdfunding could be the biggest opportunity for Main Street investors in more than 50 years I’ve been a real estate investor since just after the Marine Corps in 2001. I was first a commercial real estate analyst and then started buying single-family homes for rent. Few investments offer the kind of benefits you get from real estate but there are also so very big disadvantages … [Read more...]

How to Place High-Quality Tenants in Your Rental

If you are renting out your property, it is important that you hand over the keys to a tenant you can trust.  You have already invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into your property to attract the highest-quality tenant, so how do you make sure you choose the right one? A high-quality tenant will be fiscally responsible, reliable, and respectful to your passive real estate … [Read more...]

5 Secrets to Buy Your First Multi-family Apartment Building

If you are looking for a real estate investment opportunity that will provide residual rent income month after month, a multi-family apartment building might be something you’re considering. It can certainly be a lucrative investment, when done right. This article will help you get started. Let’s start with the basics. Multi-family apartment buildings are classified as properties with five or … [Read more...]