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Best Free Crowdfunding Promotion Services for your Campaign

The best free crowdfunding promotion services for your campaign are the free resources available to you already One of the most frequent questions I get on the blog is whether crowdfunding promotion services are worth it. I looked at the most common crowdfunding promotion scams in a prior post and talked about the need for quality rather than quantity in crowdfunding campaign promotion. The … [Read more...]

Are Crowdfunding Promotion Services a Scam? [And What to Do]

A whole industry of crowdfunding promotion has emerged but what are you really getting for your money? Media attention to huge crowdfunding campaign success stories has convinced thousands to jump into online funding before they really understand what it takes to raise money from the crowd. This contributes to the fact that two-thirds of campaigns fail to meet their goals and that 12% never … [Read more...]

The Last Crowdfunding Promotion Service You’ll Ever Need

Learn how to put together your own in-house crowdfunding promotion service for real crowdfunding success! Some of the most popular posts here on Crowd 101 are about crowdfunding promotion services and how to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Any Google search on the subject will find pages of crowdfunding promotion scams with very few legitimate providers that can actually help you market your … [Read more...]