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Google Analytics’ Role In Successful Online Fundraising

Meet Lisa, a digital coordinator at a nonprofit organization with a mission to raise funds for higher education. Lisa puts a lot of time and effort into creating online fundraisers because she knows that is the best way to reach a wide audience and get the funds they need. However, like many of us, Lisa […]

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5 Creative Ways Charity eCards Can Support Your Mission

Nonprofits are always looking for unique ways to fundraise, gain more community support, and fulfill their missions. While traditional marketing and fundraising methods are reliable, new techniques can invigorate your strategy and stir up excitement amongst your supporters. eCards are a popular way for people to message friends and family and brighten up each other’s […]

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Nailing the Pre-Launch: 5 Crowdfunding Prerequisites

You wouldn’t host a fundraising event without creating a plan first, right? You’d need time to find a venue, secure volunteers, finalize your budget, and send out invitations. The same rules apply to crowdfunding— you must spend ample time preparing to succeed. So, before you press “post” for your digital campaign, there are a few essential […]

Follow along for five helpful tips to make your nonprofit website more accessible.

5 Tips for Improving Website Navigation and Accessibility

As a nonprofit professional, your days are likely spent brainstorming new ways to increase donations and support your beneficiaries and community. While this may entail innovative fundraising ideas and program development, there are also internal ways to sustain your nonprofit’s operations. Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal for rallying […]

Omnichannel marketing for nonprofits helps organizations reach ambitious fundraising goals.

Omnichannel Marketing for Nonprofits: Complete Guide

Let’s say your nonprofit is setting ambitious goals for the upcoming year. You want to increase your sustainer program by 100 donors, upgrade at least 5% of donors to mid-level, and raise 15% more fundraising revenue. While these are great goals that will keep staff and volunteers motivated throughout the year, what can your nonprofit […]