A group of fundraising professionals meeting to discuss their next campaign’s fundraising story.

From Passion to Purpose: Crafting a Fundraising Story

Imagine you receive the following two fundraising appeals in your email inbox: Appeal #1: Support animals in need by donating to our animal shelter today. Head to our donation page to make a difference! Appeal #2: Support animals in need—like Buddy, a stray pit bull with a broken leg—by donating to our animal shelter today. […]

The title of the post is shown next to a group of colleagues researching CMS options for their nonprofit’s next crowdfunding campaign

What is the Best CMS For Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign?

What CMS is best for your next crowdfunding campaign? Read our review of both the Drupal and WordPress CMS and how they can catapult your crowdfunding efforts.

The title of the text next to someone taking bids at an auction.

5 Item Presentation Strategies to Boost Silent Auction Bids

Picture this: your fundraising team spends valuable time and resources on soliciting auction items and ends up procuring dozens of high-quality, enticing offerings that your attendees will love. However, on the day of your silent auction, you notice that your standout items aren’t receiving as many bids as you thought. It’s then that you realize […]

The title of the text over an image of people planning an event.

5 Tips for Creating Engaging Event Content and Programming

Nonprofit event organizers dedicate their time to planning and executing events that will push their organizations’ goals forward, such as educating attendees about their cause, raising funds, or fostering networking opportunities among industry professionals. To make your event a success, you must properly engage your attendees and hold their attention. If not, it will be […]

The title of the post next to two women strategizing updates to their predictive fundraising models

4 Reasons to Update Your Predictive Fundraising Models

Nonprofit data analysis can be a highly effective way to drive better fundraising results, but only when it’s treated as an ongoing process. Your organization will be able to achieve the best outcomes when you update your predictive fundraising models to adapt to internal and external changes. BWF defines fundraising predictive analysis as “the process […]