This image of young people on their phones captures the idea of engaging Gen Z with text-to-give to raise more for your nonprofit.

Engaging Gen Z with Text-to-Give: Tailoring Your Approach

Your nonprofit is always on the lookout for ways to expand your pool of loyal supporters. You might have millennials and older generations’ support, but have you considered tapping into the power of Generation Z and welcoming the newest generation of change-makers into your community? Gen Z, with their digital savviness and passion for change, […]

This is an image of a woman preparing for her crowdfunding campaign.

Nailing the Pre-Launch: 5 Crowdfunding Prerequisites

You wouldn’t host a fundraising event without creating a plan first, right? You’d need time to find a venue, secure volunteers, finalize your budget, and send out invitations. The same rules apply to crowdfunding— you must spend ample time preparing to succeed. So, before you press “post” for your digital campaign, there are a few essential […]

This guide will go over the top tips to boost fraternity and sorority fundraising success.

3 Tips to Boost Fraternity and Sorority Philanthropy Success

Sororities and fraternities, like all other tax-exempt organizations, rely on community support to make their fundraisers thrive. As a fraternity or sorority chapter leader, financial best practices should be a top priority to properly manage your philanthropy efforts. Hosting a successful sorority or fraternity fundraiser on behalf of a national philanthropic partner is often easier said […]

This article explores 7 best practices for soliciting auction items for nonprofit events.

7 Best Practices for Soliciting Auction Items Successfully

So you’ve decided to host an auction. An exciting event like this for your school or nonprofit is a time-tested way to engage your guests and bring in fundraising revenue. And as you’re also probably realizing, auctions involve a lot of planning. One of the most complex planning aspects is the item solicitation. That’s why we’ve […]

In this post, you'll learn everything you need to know to launch an online shopping fundraiser for your nonprofit.

Level Up Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising With Online Shopping

As a nonprofit professional, you’re always looking for innovative ways to fundraise. After all, you’ll only reach your fundraising goals if your initiatives stand out from the crowd and interest your supporters.