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12+ Top Church Fundraising Ideas: Revamped for 2019

Check out these quick fundraising ideas for any organization!

Your church deserves to be able to continue working in your community, supporting your mission work, and providing programs and services within your church. However, to do this, you need to raise a considerable amount of funds.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a stumbling block for your church!

Raising money for your church can still be fun and easy as long as you employ the correct fundraising ideas along the way! This post will equip you with the information you need to successfully host a church-oriented fundraiser guaranteed to raise more support for your church. We’ll break them down into these categories:

  1. #1 Fundraising Idea: Crowdfunding for Churches
  2. Small Church Fundraising Ideas
  3. Fundraising Ideas for Any Church

Don’t let your church be held back by a lack of funds! Adopt any of these church fundraising ideas during your next fundraising effort and watch your fundraising capacity increase in no time!

Crowdfunding is the best fundraising idea for churches.

#1 Fundraising Idea: Crowdfunding for Churches

Crowdfunding is one of the most popular and effective ways churches can raise funds for their outreach programs, events, service projects, and mission trips. Crowdfunding campaigns capitalize on the social connections of your congregation.

Your congregation members can recruit their friends, family, and social media followers to support your church. They can then share your church’s mission, post updates on your work in the community, and accept donations on your behalf to boost your church’s fundraising capacity.

However, to ensure your crowdfunding campaign is successful, you need to use a digital tool or an online fundraising platform. Our top choices for churches are listed below.

Church t-shirt fundraising ideas are greatly aided by a service like Bonfire!

Bonfire. Selling custom t-shirts is a great way to encourage more supporters to participate in your crowdfunding campaign. With the help of a platform like Bonfire, you can design and create the perfect custom t-shirt for your congregants to purchase. Don’t forget that you can recruit your congregation members to promote the campaign and raise money for mission trips. With this crowdfunding technique, your church members will be able to promote and sell your t-shirts and collect 100% of the profits!Check out Fundly for your during your next church fundraising idea!

Fundly. Fundly’s crowdfunding services put social sharing at the forefront. Your congregation members are passionate about the good work that your church does through its programming. Why not let them take the reigns and share their passionate support for your church with their friends? Because of its perfect use of social networking, Fundly is the best choice for traditional crowdfunding.

Use a giving software to help with crowdfunding during your next fundraising idea for your church!

GiveSendGo. Churches and congregations can easily raise money with this crowdfunding platform. With tools that let you share your campaign on social media and track the progress of your campaign, you will be able to spread the word about your mission and needs easily and efficiently. As an added bonus, this platform offers a “pray now” button so congregants can show their wholehearted support.


Funded by Faith can help raise more money for your church during your next fundraising idea for your church!Funded by Faith. Funded by Faith believes in completely transparent crowdfunding campaigns. They support the idea that in order to raise money for your church you should show your followers exactly what that money will be used for. Funded by Faith is the perfect choice for nonprofit churches with an interest in fundraising.


No matter which platform you choose, your church will be able to effectively use crowdfunding to mobilize support for all of your church’s mission work, programs, and benevolence funds.

These are the best fundraising ideas for small churches.

Small Church Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can be an obstacle for any church but for some churches, the size of your congregation adds an extra challenge. It can be difficult for smaller churches to gain traction with their fundraising campaigns and as a result, their mission budgets suffer. However, small churches still can and do have a major impact on their surrounding community.

These fundraising ideas are designed specifically to accommodate the smaller size of your church. They should all still be easily accomplishable based on your churches’ fundraising capacity—this means you won’t have to worry about fundraising and you can focus on your mission work! Let’s dive in.

Host a service day as your next church fundraising idea and raise awareness and money!

Service DayHost a service day as your church's next fundraising idea!

Cost: Free to $

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

Holding a service day is less about selling goods or services and more about inspiring others to donate by demonstrating the good work that you do. On your church’s dedicated service day, organize your volunteers into teams and assign them a predetermined community service project.

These ideas should benefit the community in some way, whether it be:

  • Cleaning up the roadsides in your area
  • Planting a neighborhood garden
  • Partnering with your local Humane Society chapter to host an adoption day
  • Organizing a soup kitchen for local homeless persons

No matter its size, your church can directly demonstrate how valuable it is to the community through volunteering and performing local mission work. This idea will help people see your church’s importance and make them more likely to donate.

Host a pot luck as your next church fundraiser idea and you will see funds flood in!

Family PotluckPotlucks are one of the most popular fundraising ideas for churches!

Cost: Free to $

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: ++

Hosting a church-wide potluck is a tried-and-true method for raising money for your church. Give your congregation members the chance to show off their cooking and baking skills by inviting them to participate in your potluck.

Every church has that one member who makes the best banana pudding or the one family whose mac and cheese is to die for. Members of your church will happily wait in line for a scoop of some nice home cooking, so why not turn this into a fundraising opportunity?

Your church can provide the main course, whether that be barbecue, burgers, or any other variation you prefer. Encourage congregants to bring side dishes, desserts, and drinks to complete your spread. You can charge an admission fee by individual or family at the door, or simply ask for donations.

This fundraising idea for churches can get everyone involved in raising money!

Give It UpThis is a great fundraising idea for churches that get everyone involved!

Cost: Free

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

At some point in their lives, most of us have thought “Why not? It only costs $3” as we stand in the check out line for daily coffee or another routine purchase. However, these costs can add up pretty quickly.

Many religious denominations encourage the devoted to give up something in their life for a period of time, such as Catholicism’s Lenten Sacrifice. Give It Up is a simple fundraising idea that asks congregation members and supporters to save the money they would have otherwise spent on a routine purchase and instead donate it to your church.

This may mean they donate the cost of their weekly movie ticket or expensive coffees. This may seem like a negligible donation, but a steady stream of small donations will grow over time! Just make sure to set a reasonable time limit for your Give It Up fundraiser.

A silent auction is the perfect fundraising idea for your church!

Silent AuctionHost a silent auction as your next fundraising idea for your church and see how much cash you raise!

Cost: $$$

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫⚫

Potential: +++

Fundraising events for churches have the potential to bring your congregation together for a time of fellowship, and silent auctions are the perfect example. Silent auctions require your church to acquire donated auction items from your community, or from the congregation itself, that will entice bidders to bid eagerly and often.

Incorporate mobile bidding into your next church fundraising idea!You will need to display your auction items and offer bidding sheets, or employ mobile silent auction technology from OneCause, so your congregants can place their bids. When silent auctions are well-organized and have interesting items up for bid, you will be surprised by how quickly you are able to raise funds for your church.


Your next church fundraising idea should be an envelope fundraiser!

Envelope FundraiserRaise money fast with this church fundraising idea!

Cost: Free to $

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

If your church has a limited fundraising capacity, you can still easily raise a large amount of funds to support any of your projects. Hosting an envelope fundraiser will ensure all of your congregants have the opportunity to get involved in your fundraiser and donate modest amounts that will really add up.

The idea behind an envelope fundraiser is really quite simple. All you need is 100 envelopes with the numbers 1-100 written on them. Each member of your congregation can then take a single envelope and donate the amount of money that matches the number written on the front. This will ensure that the maximum amount that any donor will have to contribute is 100 and that there will be plenty of more manageable amounts as well.

With 100 envelopes in this fundraiser, you can raise up to $5,050!

This fundraising idea for churches can raise money fast!

Candle SaleSell candles as the next fundraising idea for your church!

Cost: $

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

Candles are a universally adored gift, and your church should take advantage of people’s love for candles by selling them to your congregants. This is a particularly great idea around the holidays when people are looking for quick and easy gifts or stocking stuffers.

Candles are a fairly easy item to sell and before long you will be able to see the boost in your donation intake. Make sure to provide all of your buyers with a wide range of scents to choose from. If you want to go the extra mile, provide gift options, such as gift wrapping and attaching personalized messages if they are purchasing the candle for someone else.

This fundraising idea can turn into a lovely gift exchange or holiday swap if you choose to market it that way.

Sell appreciation grams as the next fundraising idea for your church!

Appreciation GramsHelp congregation members show their appreciation for one another with this church fundraising idea!

Cost: Free to $

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

Allow your congregation members to purchase appreciation grams through your church as your next church-wide fundraiser. Everyone has someone they should thank for being a good friend, family member, and loved one. However, it is much too easy to forget to show our appreciation.

These grams can come in many forms and oftentimes come with a small token like candy or a small gift. Encourage your congregants members to write personalized letters alongside each gram they choose to send so that each recipient knows they are valued. Appreciation grams are an excellent way for your church members to raise money for the church they love while strengthening their relationships with one another.

One of these fundraising ideas will be perfect for your church!

Fundraising Ideas for Any Church

All churches have the power to make an impact in their community, but the more you are able to fundraise, the greater your potential influence. These ideas can easily be accomplished by any church and have a high fundraising yield.

Don’t let your church be held back by a lack of fundraising when these ideas are perfect for your specific church! Let’s get started.

A walk-a-thon is an easy fundraising idea for any church to accomplish!

Walk-a-thonA walk-a-thon is a great fundraising idea for churches!

Cost: $

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

Walk-a-thons are such a popular way of fundraising because they work. Not only does this event bring your congregation together, but it also helps your congregation engage with your wider community. Your church values the connections it has with its surrounding community and hosting an event that invites community members to participate is an excellent way of furthering your mission.

Pledge software like 99Pledges can help during your next church fundraising idea!With a walk-a-thon fundraiser, participants can collect pledges based on distance walked or lump sum donations for simply participating. If the task of pledge and donation collection seems daunting, your church should use a walk-a-thon fundraising software, like 99Pledges. This idea will really help your fundraising campaign go the distance and reach all of your goals.

An angel festival is the perfect fundraising idea for your church!

Angel FestivalShowcase your congregation's creativity with this fundraising idea for churches!

Cost: Free to $

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

An angel festival allows you to showcase the artistic talent of your congregation members while encouraging them to connect with the holiday spirit. Angel festivals are typically held in December.

These festivals encourage the congregation members to either construct an angelic statue or figurine or dress up as an angel. Depending on your congregation’s preferences, you may wish to consider having three categories:

  • Angel costumes.
  • Small angel figurines.
  • Large angelic statues.

Each participant should have a bowl next to their entry and people can give money to their favorite angel. The person with the most money in their bowl at the end of the event wins the competition!

Your congregation members will love this opportunity to get creative and raise money at the same time!

Get your congregation involved with this fundraising idea for churches!

Family Fun DayBring families and communities together with this fundraising idea for churches!

Cost: $

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: +++

Need an exciting fundraiser for your church’s summer campaign? Host a family fun day, or church-wide block party, to bring people together to soak up the sun and raise money for your church. You can raise money with this idea in multiple ways, including:

  • Selling concessions and drinks at the event.
  • Charging an entrance fee.
  • Selling tickets for activities and games.

This event will allow your congregants of all ages to participate in your fundraiser and have fun while doing it. Consider having activities like face painting and water balloon tosses to get people in the summer spirit.

Sell engraved bricks as your next church fundraising idea!Engraved BricksRaise money and capture memories with this fundraising idea for churches!

Cost: $$

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: +++

Is your church looking to expand its location or build an extension of one of its buildings? Raising funds for a project like this is difficult. People are often more likely to donate to a mission-based or community service related project. However, expansion campaigns are no less important to the continuing of your church’s presence in your community.

Allowing your church congregants the opportunity to purchase an engraved brick provides you will a little extra money to do the renovations or construction that you need to. Congregants can write personal messages on them, dedicate them to loved ones, or use them to honor people they have lost.

These bricks create lasting memories for congregants that become a literal part of the church they have made such a large part of their lives. Consider recognizing major donors by offering larger dedications for greater donations, such as plaques, signs, or special brick walkways

Embrace the changing season with this fundraising idea for churches!

Fall FestivalEmbrace the fall spirit with this fundraising ideas for churches!

Cost: $$

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: +++

The end of the year is one of the best times to fundraise because the holiday season puts people in the giving mood. Your church should use the fall season to start their fundraising leading into the holidays.

Your fall festival can include any number of fall-themed activities including:

  • Visiting a pumpkin patch
  • Hay rides
  • Cake walks
  • Face painting

Don’t forget you can raise extra money by selling fall-themed food and drinks, such as apple cider, caramel apples, and pumpkin pie.

This is the perfect fundraising idea for your church if your congregation members are less inclined to participate in Halloween or other holiday celebrations. With this festival, you can give all of your members the opportunity to hang out and enjoy fall in a fun and wholesome environment.

This fundraising idea for churches is delicious and effective!

Pie Baking CompetitionIncorporate this delicious fundraising idea for churches into your upcoming fundraising strategy!

Cost: Free

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

Hosting a pie baking competition is one of the most popular summer activities for church fundraising. Show off the baking expertise of your congregants with this delicious fundraiser.

Each participant should make a few of the same flavor pie so that more people can have the chance to taste each entry. People will cast their votes for each of their favorite pies by donating a dollar to their favorite. You can also charge an entrance fee to the tasting for a little extra revenue boost!

In order to keep doing the good work that you love in your community, your church needs to have a successful fundraising strategy. Better support your mission by incorporating one of these fundraising ideas into your upcoming fundraising efforts!

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