Best Fundraising Sites: Platforms to Help Double Donations

Best Fundraising Sites: 9 Platforms to Help Double Donations

Online fundraising has become the norm for the vast majority of nonprofits, and many are relying on the best fundraising sites for increased success. Understanding the unique offerings of various fundraising websites can help you choose between the dozens of available options to meet your campaign goals.

Virtual fundraising success requires more than just investing in an online fundraising platform. It’s about connecting with an audience that’s excited to support your project and having the tools to provide them with a simple online donation experience.

Finding the best website for your fundraising campaign is critical⁠—but often overlooked by many fundraisers. That’s why we’ve created this list of our favorite fundraising sites to help you raise money online. Keep your own fundraising needs in mind as you explore this list of powerful platforms and consider how each can help drive your efforts forward.

Here are our top nine favorite fundraising websites:

Beyond features and basic functionality, you’ll also want to pay close attention to each platform’s matching gift fundraising tools. After all, matching gifts have the potential to double fundraising revenue with little to no effort on your part. Plus, an average of $4 to $7 billion in unclaimed corporate matching gift funding is left on the table each year⁠—you’ll just need the right tools to collect those dollars effectively.

As far as matching gift software goes, we recommend searching for platforms that integrate with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation. 360MatchPro offers the largest and most up-to-date matching gift database, allowing nonprofits to determine donors’ eligibility for corporate matching gifts. 

With that in mind, let’s begin!


Bloomerang + Kindful

Overview of this Fundraising Site

Bloomerang offers the benefits of a donor management system and an online fundraising platform, all in one convenient solution. With a focus on helping nonprofits improve donor retention, Bloomerang offers plenty of engagement and analytics tools to help you understand exactly where your donor relationships stand at all times. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Dynamic donation buttons and customized giving pages that create a streamlined donor experience
  • Robust donor profiles that include wealth screening information and constituent timelines to provide a comprehensive view of your supporters
  • An engagement meter that lets you see each supporter’s engagement level based on past interactions, such as giving and volunteering

Bloomerang also offers a broad range of integrations with other nonprofit software tools, including accounting software, event planning tools, and eCommerce platforms. That means there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be able to integrate your nonprofit’s current software tools with the Bloomerang system, keeping all of your data organized in one location. 

Matching Gift Functionality

Bloomerang integrates with Double the Donation via Kindful’s suite of fundraising tools. The integration allows you to pull donor information directly from your Kindful database into 360MatchPro to identify hidden matching gift opportunities among your supporters. You can also access best-in-class support from Double the Donation to help maximize your matching gift revenue. 

Classy is one of the best fundraising sites.


Overview of this Fundraising Site

Classy is an online fundraising platform designed to provide a positive giving experience for donors and a simplified management solution for nonprofits. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Direct and recurring donations through custom-branded, mobile-responsive fundraising websites.
  • Social donor fundraising to raise more and connect with new supporters through crowdfunding and peer-to-peer campaigns.
  • Event management software, including ticketing and donations for virtual and in-person events.

Since its launch, the Classy platform has raised more than $3 billion for 6,000+ nonprofit partners thanks to these powerful fundraising tools and more. If you’re looking for an online fundraising site to collect more for your mission, Classy might be an excellent solution.

Matching Gift Functionality

In order to take any fundraising efforts to the next level, making the most of matching gifts is a must. That’s why Classy has partnered with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to promote corporate match opportunities directly within the donation and follow-up processes.

Thanks to a native integration between the two solutions, Classy clients can easily incorporate Double the Donation’s online employer search tool and drive more match-eligible donations to completion.

Fundraise Up is one of the best fundraising sites.Fundraise Up

Overview of this Fundraising Site

Fundraise Up is a unique fundraising site that leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to raise more money more efficiently. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Smart suggested donation amounts adjusted to each individual based on their behavior patterns.
  • Donation repair strategies, including automatic updates of expired or outdated payment information for recurring donations.
  • Automated donor communications that drive impact through customizable email templates and action-based triggers.

Even better, 92% of donors choose to cover the fees associated with Fundraise Up, meaning 100% of those donations can go towards your cause!

Matching Gift Functionality

Of all the tools and functions offered within the Fundraise Up platform, its company matching strategies are one of the most important. That’s because, thanks to their integration with industry-leading matching gift provider Double the Donation, Fundraise Up customers can quickly and easily maximize corporate giving revenue collected.

This partnership even incorporates a unique strategy to increase donation levels through matching gift upsells. When a donor initially indicates a gift size that falls below their company’s minimum donation threshold, the fundraising site can notify them to see if they’d like to up their gift.

Blackbaud is one of the best fundraising sites.Blackbaud

Overview of this Fundraising Site

Blackbaud is one of the largest names in nonprofit fundraising and prides itself on its comprehensive solutions⁠—including fundraising, marketing, grantmaking, analytics, finances, and more. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising software to equip supporters to take on an impactful fundraising role for your organization.
  • Intuitive reporting of progress toward fundraising goals based on key performance indicators and giving trends over time.
  • Data enrichment services to help you keep in touch with supporters by locating missing addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

This powerful fundraising site also specializes in identifying potential growth opportunities to bring any organization’s efforts to the next level⁠. So if you’re looking for a well-respected fundraising and donor relationship management system, Blackbaud might be just the solution for you!

Matching Gift Functionality

Blackbaud offers a powerful integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to assist its customers in leveraging matching gifts effectively. Through this partnership, Blackbaud users gain access to a comprehensive database of corporate giving information from more than 20,000 companies and subsidiaries.

When match-eligible donors make an online gift, they’ll be automatically provided with their employer’s program guidelines and directed to relevant online forms and instructions for submitting a match request.

DonorDrive is one of the best fundraising sites.DonorDrive

Overview of this Fundraising Site

DonorDrive is an innovative peer-to-peer fundraising platform that can have fundraisers launching campaign pages in minutes. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Innovative and custom-branded charity fundraising apps that bring mobile-first fundraising to the next level.
  • Gamification tactics that leverage achievement badges, milestones, and other incentives to motivate donors to give more.
  • Real-time live streaming platform to get donors involved in your virtual fundraising efforts from anywhere and on any device.

Organizations can also rest assured knowing that the DonorDrive platform offers a highly secure payment processing system that happens to be extremely speedy as well! In fact, fundraisers can even receive funds on the same day they were donated.

Matching Gift Functionality

Make the most of matching gifts with DonorDrive’s native integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation! DonorDrive customers can easily embed a streamlined company search field within their standard donation form as well as provide donors with employer guidelines and online forms on the confirmation page.

Givebutter is one of the best fundraising sites.Givebutter

Overview of this Fundraising Site

Givebuter is a free online fundraising platform with powerful solutions for nonprofits, schools, small groups, companies, and more. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Social fundraising campaign pages to empower supporters to raise money on behalf of your organization.
  • Event management tools that allow you to offer free and paid tickets and register and check-in guests.
  • Customizable donation forms that can be easily embedded into any existing website with no coding experience required.

Givebutter also prioritizes a quick giving experience by allowing supporters to give via Venmo or Apple Pay in less than 10 seconds. The faster donors can give, the less likely you are to see donor abandonment!

Matching Gift Functionality

For Givebutter users looking to increase their matching gift revenue, leveraging the native integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation is an excellent choice!

This partnership allows for Double the Donation’s streamlined company search field to appear within Givebutter donation forms to encourage supporters to research their own matching gift eligibility. From there, donors who entered a corporate email address or interacted with the search tool on the donation form will be automatically provided with their company’s matching gift request form to take the next steps.

Engaging Networks is one of the best fundraising sites.Engaging Networks

Overview of this Fundraising Site

Engaging Networks is a popular online fundraising site that works with nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes to provide a seamless and effective campaign experience. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • One-click giving process to ensure donors have the simplest experience possible and maximize the number of completed gifts.
  • Fundraising thermometers and progress bars to better visualize revenue goals and drive additional donations.
  • Easy recurring gift management to maximize monthly and other regular donations and allow supporters to update payment information or upgrade their gifts.

They also offer a range of other solutions such as advocacy, email marketing, donor management, event planning, ecommerce, and more. If you’re looking for a truly comprehensive fundraising site, you might want to consider Engaging Networks!

Matching Gift Functionality

Encourage corporate matching gifts quickly and easily by incorporating a company search tool into your donation and premium donation pages from Engaging Networks.

Thanks to an integration with Double the Donation’s 360MatchPro, Engaging Networks customers can leverage matching gift automation software alongside their existing fundraising tools!

Virtuous is one of the best fundraising sites.Virtuous

Overview of this Fundraising Site

Virtuous is a powerful nonprofit CRM, fundraising, and donor management system with innovative tools to set any fundraising team up for success. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Responsive donation forms that help improve the donor experience and increase retention levels.
  • Intuitive donor signals such as personalized gift suggestions, donor scoring, wealth data, and network mapping.
  • Multichannel messaging to better target donors where they are via email, SMS, direct mail, phone calls, and more.

The Virtuous platform prides itself on “ridding teams of redundant back-office tasks” which allows the nonprofits using this fundraising site to dedicate more time to their missions.

Matching Gift Functionality

Matching gifts can help any fundraising campaign reach its full potential, which is why Virtuous has developed a powerful partnership with the industry-leading matching gift software provider, Double the Donation.

Using Double the Donation’s automation tool, 360MatchPro, Virtuous users can incorporate a company search widget into any donation form and scan and identify match-eligible gifts from daily donation data imports.

Donately is one of the best fundraising sites.


Overview of this Fundraising Site

Donately is an online donation platform that provides fundraisers with easy-to-use donation forms and fundraising pages. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Text-messaging functionality to help drive donations, event registrations, and peer-to-peer participation and share other critical information.
  • Optimized donation forms with customizable fields to collect the best donor information without slowing down the giving process.
  • Mobile-friendly reporting dashboards which allow your team to manage donor data easily and efficiently.

This fundraising site was built with simplicity in mind by a team that has experience working with all sorts of charitable organizations—so they know exactly what a nonprofit team needs for successful fundraising.

Matching Gift Functionality

Donately offers a native integration with 360MatchPro by Double the Donation to streamline matching gift fundraising for its clients and equip them to raise more effectively.

Using Double the Donation’s innovative company search tool, donors can quickly research their employers’ giving programs and determine if they’re eligible for a match. If so, they’ll be provided with detailed program guidelines and direct links to the online forms they’ll need to complete.

AKA New Media Raisin is one of the best fundraising sites.A.K.A. New Media Raisin

Overview of this Fundraising Site

Raisin is a fundraising software provider by technology company A.K.A. New Media Inc. with everything a nonprofit needs to raise money effectively. Check out a few of their most noteworthy offerings here:

  • Mobile-first peer-to-peer fundraising which equips supporters to raise more and allows donors to give on the go.
  • Multi-location event management that unites multiple events within a single fundraising campaign.
  • Exceptional customer service to help guide your fundraising team along the way and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

With Raisin, you can easily build a powerful fundraising site of your own using the platform’s drag-and-drop CMS, automatically responsive templates, and customizable branding abilities.

Matching Gift Functionality

Raisin fundraisers can maximize their matching gift fundraising revenue by leveraging a seamless, built-in integration with the top provider of matching gift software⁠—Double the Donation. Once activated, this powerful fundraising tool automates the matching gift process from beginning to end, ensuring that no match-eligible gifts fall through the cracks.

Effective online fundraising relies on having the right tools to build your campaigns. Start with one of these fantastic fundraising sites and prioritize a solution with built-in matching gift functionality to best leverage corporate philanthropy.

For more information on top fundraising platforms and how to maximize your matching gift revenue, check out these other educational resources:

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