8+ Quick Fundraising Ideas that Work! [Updated 2019]

Check out these quick fundraising ideas for any organization!

Too often, fundraising campaigns struggle to gain momentum and fizzle out into obscurity. The best solution? Incorporate some quick fundraising ideas into your strategy to raise awareness and boost the visibility of your project.

If your team takes the time to plan a few extra quick fundraising ideas, you will invariably see better results in your fundraising campaigns simply because you’re engaging more people, in more ways.

However, we know that not all fast fundraising ideas are going to work for everyone who tries them, so you should pick the idea that will work best for your specific organization or project.

To help you make this decision, we have curated a list of the best quick fundraising ideas, updated for 2019, that fall into the following categories:  

With one of these fundraising ideas, you’ll be seeing the results you want in your fundraising campaign in no time!

Crowdfunding is our favorite quick fundraising idea!

Our #1 quick fundraising idea: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding allows you to raise money by recruiting members of your community. Individuals then use their personal networks to promote your organization and raise funds for your cause.

This idea extends the opportunity for fundraising to not only your organization’s fundraising team, but to your community as a whole—people will be much more willing to donate to a cause if their friends and loved ones have suggested it!

Crowdfunding can be accomplished in many ways, but the best way to get supporters fast are by offering something in exchange for their support or by fully utilizing social sharing.

Selling custom t-shirts is a great idea for your crowdfunding campaign!

Crowdfunding by selling custom t-shirts.

Implement your crowdfunding campaign by selling t-shirts!

Cost: Free

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

You will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like free stuff. Essentially, crowdfunding by selling t-shirts allows your supporters to donate by purchasing a custom-designed t-shirt. Using the right platform means your organization receives 100% of the campaign profits.

When you use a custom t-shirt company, like Bonfire, the process is simple:

  1. Design or upload a design for your shirts.Bonfire is our recommendation for all of your t-shirt fundraising needs!
  2. Set a goal and timeline for your t-shirt crowdfunding campaign.
  3. Promote and sell your shirts by spreading the word on social media.
  4. The shirts are shipped directly to your supporters.
  5. You get paid!

Your supporters will love the chance to sport a custom t-shirt that promotes the good work that your organization does. Make sure to create a well-designed and branded t-shirt that people will still want to wear!

This form of crowdfunding lets your organization offer a physical item in return for an individual’s support. This will greatly increase the chances that your fundraiser can raise some quick cash!

Fully utilize your supporters' social networks with this quick fundraising idea!

Crowdfunding with social sharing.

Cost: FreeCrowdfunding is an excellent quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++


Even if your nonprofit does not have a social media expert, you should not shy away from this key component of crowdfunding. In order to be successful, your campaign needs a certain media presence—after all, no one can donate to a campaign they don’t know exists!

Fundly is the perfect resource for creating a social crowdfunding campaign as your next quick fundraising idea!Tools like Fundly will help your organization raise money for all of its needs! This quick fundraising idea allows you to tell people the story of your organization and the cause it supports so you can better connect with donors.

With the full force of social media platforms behind you, you can create a larger network of supporters quickly.

Make sure to maintain your campaign with regular posts with updates, images, and videos about your organization’s progress. You should share:

  • What your campaign supports
  • Why your campaign is important
  • Your campaign’s immediate goals

With the full force of social media platforms behind you, you can create a larger network of supporters quickly.

These quick fundraising ideas are perfect for individuals!

Quick Fundraising Ideas for Individuals.

Create how-to workshops as your next quick fundraising idea!

How-to Workshops

Cost: FreeEngage with your community with this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: ++

Everyone has a skill they are proud of and want to share with others. Search in your existing staff and supporters for people who have interesting or unique skills and who are willing to give a workshop lesson to community members.

The skills you showcase should attract a varying audience and can truly be anything that may interest someone. This could mean finding someone who wants to teach painting a la Bob Ross, or lead a workshop on how to knit little baby hats. You can ask these people to donate one hour of their time to share their skills with others and bring people from your community together.

While you can charge admission to these workshops, don’t forget that your workshop audiences are also the perfect crowds to appeal to for donations to your fundraiser. A how-to workshop allows people to learn a skill and will entice people to donate on the spot.

This quick fundraising idea does not take much work on your end but has the potential to greatly extend the reach of your organization’s fundraiser.

Partner with a bar to raise money as your next quick fundraising idea!

Bartender for a Day

Cost: Free to 💲Create a relaxed environment for your fundraiser with this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: ++

Does your organization want to engage its community in a relaxed and open environment? We may have the perfect quick fundraising idea for you!

Choose a popular bar or pub in your area where you know you will get a decent crowd and arrange for one of your staff to bartend for a few hours. Everyone wins in this situation—the bar gets some free labor and a charitable event to promote to draw people out to their establishment while you get the opportunity to reach out to more people that you could otherwise!

Make sure to bring informational flyers or, if you want to maintain the bar theme, you can bring branded coasters for people to use, circulate, and take home. To minimize costs for your organization and keep an informal setting, you can simply jot down notes on the bar’s napkins and coasters for people to remember you by.

The biggest key to finding new supporters for your fundraiser is to ensure you have multiple people working the crowd and talking about the work that you do. Don’t forget to have a way for people to donate easily on the spot so you don’t have to rely on them remembering to donate the next day!

Volunteer at your local grocery store with this quick fundraising idea!

Bagger for a Day

Cost: FreeSupport your community with this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

Local grocery stores are always looking for friendly, enthusiastic people to help bag groceries for customers. No one likes the traffic jam that can happen when you are finished checking out and are still waiting for all of your groceries to be bagged properly.

Offering to have some of your organization’s staff or volunteers be checkout baggers for a few hours is a great way to promote your current fundraising campaign and spread the word about your organization’s cause.

The volunteers can use this opportunity to establish quick personal connections with guests and ask to drop a flyer in the bag along with the groceries. This is an excellent way to get to know your community, strike up conversations, and learn more about types of fundraisers that would appeal to the most people for future reference.

Your audience will be diverse and extensive, allowing you to expand your supporter network and possibly appeal to demographics you have previously been unable to successfully interest.

These are the perfect quick fundraising ideas for small groups!

Quick Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Get out of your comfort zone with this quick fundraising idea!

Parade in the Park

Cost: FreeHave some fun with this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: ++

If your nonprofit supports a cause related to music or the arts, especially for children, this quick fundraising idea is perfect for you! All you need to do is take some instruments to your local park and invite passersby to be a part of your parade.

While it may be easier to transition from talking about the parade to a music or arts-related organization, this does not mean that organizations which support other causes should not still consider this fundraiser.

Don’t shy away from approaching strangers and having some fun with it. If you are enthusiastic about your parade, others will be too! With the right promoters, you can have a popular parade in no time!

Make sure to check your local park guidelines to see if you need to obtain a permit to host a parade in the park. If you make it more of an impromptu flash mob you may not need a permit.

Like any quick fundraising idea on this list, you will want to promote as much as possible through social media, local TV, and radio! Leading up to your event you could post clues about where you will be and what you will be doing to get people interested. But, don’t forget to take pictures and videos of the actual event to post as well!

During the parade, you should have three or four people talking to other park attendees about your organization. Make sure you have a way to collect donations and pledges right then and there to boost your fundraiser fast!

Use this quick fundraising idea to connect with your community!

Theater in the Park

Cost: FreeInvolve your community in this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: ++

Does your organization have a flair for the dramatic? This quick fundraising idea will capitalize on your creativity! Transforming a public park into your own personal theater will entice people to listen to what you have to say.

Your team members can dress up as characters from a popular play—the more over the top, the better! You want to attract the attention of park-goers and encourage them to stick around, watch your play, and find out more about your organization.

For this quick fundraising idea, you don’t need backdrops or sets, you can simply write lines on index cards for major characters and improvise the rest. Have fun with this idea and make sure you invite strangers in the park to come and participate in the play!

Promote this idea on social media and let people know when and where you will be along with which characters are available and encourage people to stop by and lend their theatrical expertise.

This idea will get people interested in what it is that you do and will likely interest them into remaining involved in your fundraising efforts!

A charity auction is a fun and valuable quick fundraising idea!

Charity Auction

Cost: 💲💲Boost your fundraising revenue with this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫⚫

Potential: +++

A charity auction may take a little extra effort, but the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. When marketed well, your entire community will want to contribute to and be a part of your auction. Your team should start by finding auction items that will be of interest to community members. These may include:

  • Signed copy of a book by a local author.
  • Personalized painting by local artist.
  • Spa package.
  • Live music concert tickets.
  • Travel packages.
  • Themed gift basket.

These ideas can be anything that you think your bidders will enjoy. But, don’t be intimidated at the idea of hosting your own charity auction, there are plenty of software tools that will enable you to effectively and efficiently host your event.

OneCause can help you with all of your auction needs at your next quick fundraising idea!Powerful auction software by OneCause can help you to hold your auction with features like event registration, item management, gamification tools, and mobile bidding capabilities.



You can benefit more than one community with this quick fundraising idea!

Shoe drive fundraiser

Cost: FreeCollect shoes and sneakers for this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: +++

This quick fundraising idea is so valuable because it can be easily added to any existing event for a little extra revenue. When you partner with an organization like Funds2Orgs, the process is incredibly simple:

  1. Your organization collects gently worn, used and new shoes from community members.
  2. A member of Funds2Orgs arranges to pick up everything that was collected.
  3. Your check gets mailed to you within 48 hours of Funds2Orgs processing your shoes.

Funds2Orgs can help streamline this quick fundraising idea!With a shoe drive fundraiser, the more shoes you collect, the more money your organization collects, so be sure to widely promote this event among your community. You can even partner with local sports teams and host a shoe drive fundraiser at a local sporting event that will already have a large number of attendees.

People will love this idea because it gives them the perfect opportunity to declutter their homes and benefit their community by doing so!

Learn more about these quick fundraising ideas for schools by reading below!

Quick fundraising ideas for schools

Encourage some healthy competition with this quick fundraising idea!

Battle of the Bands

Cost: Free to 💲Inspire your students with this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: ++

Your students likely have hidden musical talents and would love an excuse to hang out with their friends, have fun, and make music. Organize an amateur Battle of the Bands that will encourage a healthy sense of competition among your students.

If you want to add an extra element of fun to this quick fundraising idea, you can invite students to create bands at random with instruments that you provide for their use. This can create a lighthearted and fun atmosphere that students will love.

To turn this into a quick fundraiser, sell tickets to the event. You can organize this event in one of two ways:

  1. Students form bands to compete against one another.
  2. Students in the audience have the chance to get selected at random to participate.

Students will love the opportunity to have fun while raising money for their school with this fast fundraising idea.

Foster your students' creativity with this quick fundraising idea!

Talent Show

Cost: Free to 💲Showcase unique talents with this quick fundraising ideas!

Level of difficulty: ⚫

Potential: ++

Want to showcase how diversely talented your students are while raising money for your school? Let them show off their unique talents, from juggling and gymnastics to singing and dancing.

Whether you host it in your school’s auditorium, gymnasium, or even cafeteria, you will be able to easily produce this talent show using what you have or with very little extra effort. To raise money at this event you can:

  • Charge for admission tickets.
  • Set up a donation booth.
  • Sell concessions.
  • Sell DVDs of the show.

This quick fundraising idea really is as simple as it seems and can be implemented at your school with a little promotion and a lot of eager students. It’s not only financially beneficial for your school, but it will also be great for morale with the students as it provides an opportunity to blow off steam and do what they love.

Learn more about this quick fundraising idea for schools by reading below!


Cost: 💲Get active with this quick fundraising idea!

Level of difficulty: ⚫⚫

Potential: +++

A walk-a-thon is without a doubt one of the best quick fundraiser ideas for schools. There is a reason why they are a staple among schools around the world—they are easy to promote, organize, and execute!

This fundraiser allows students to be active and spend time with their friends all while raising money for their school, effectively increasing the levels of participation throughout your school.

Walk-a-thons can help you raise money in a number of ways. The participant can:

  • Collect a lump sum donation from pledgees for participating in the event.
  • Receive pledges based on each unit of distance walked (i.e. per lap, per mile)

Money can start adding up really quickly when you have students that are willing and enthusiastic about participating.

This quick fundraising idea can be greatly aided by 99Pledges!However, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of managing all of the money coming in from so many sources. Walk-a-thon software like 99Pledges can help you manage pledge amounts and even create shareable fundraising pages for each participant.

This quick fundraising idea has the potential to greatly enhance your school’s fundraising capacity in no time at all.

Don’t let your nonprofit rely on fundraising events and ideas that fizzle out before getting any real results. Raise money quickly and effectively with one of these top fundraising ideas that can be tailored specifically to your community.

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