Corporate Gift-Matching Software-A Must-Have Fundraising Tool

Corporate Gift-Matching Software: A Must-Have Fundraising Tool

By now, you understand that the value of fundraising cannot be overstated⁠—and that the best ways to collect funds are constantly evolving. As more organizations utilize pieces of the ever-expanding nonprofit technology landscape, you want to be sure your team is equipped with the right tools to provide an optimal experience for your supporters. Today […]

Incorporating matching gifts into your donation forms

Incorporating Matching Gifts Into Your Donation Forms

As your organization continues to seek new ways to collect revenue, grow donor relations, and establish long-term partnerships, there might be a prime opportunity you’re not tapping into: matching gifts. Here at Crowd101, we’ve written about corporate matching gifts before—and for good reason. When organizations integrate matching gifts in their fundraising strategies⁠ (from dedicated match drives to […]

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3 Tools to Boost Higher Education Fundraising Results

Higher education institutions rely on fundraising to give their students the best experience possible. Whether you need to pay for scholarships, renovate campus buildings, or fund your athletic programs, raising funds from your community of donors and alumni is the answer. But to raise funds efficiently and reach your fundraising goals, you need the right technology. […]

Millie spotlight | make the most of employee giving

Millie Spotlight | Make the Most of Employee Giving

Did you know that each year, approximately $5 billion is raised by nonprofit causes through workplace giving? And yet an additional $4 to $7 billion in matching gift funds alone go unclaimed on an annual basis? This is according to top corporate giving statistics⁠—which just goes to show the importance of equipping your team with […]

Follow along for five helpful tips to make your nonprofit website more accessible.

5 Tips for Improving Website Navigation and Accessibility

As a nonprofit professional, your days are likely spent brainstorming new ways to increase donations and support your beneficiaries and community. While this may entail innovative fundraising ideas and program development, there are also internal ways to sustain your nonprofit’s operations. Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal for rallying […]