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What do Kevin Bacon and Crowdfunding have in Common?

Influencer marketing is more effective when you work through mutual connections. Follow these steps in your crowdfunding outreach. We talk about crowdfunding outreach and reaching influential people a lot on the blog. Unless you’ve got a massive social network that is ready to tweet, like and +1 your campaign out to their network, the only way you’ll reach your crowdfunding goal is to connect … [Read more...]

19 Ways to Promote Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Follow this list of ways to promote your crowdfunding campaign to get the word out and raise more money Ways to promote your crowdfunding campaign is the most popular theme on the blog. People jump into their campaign overflowing with enthusiasm but then realize how difficult it is to really get the word out. Then come the crowdfunding promotion scams and the industry gets a bad name on all … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing on a Budget [Five Resources]

While you can do all your crowdfunding campaign marketing with almost no budget at all, should you? Even established multi-national charities have to spend money on expenses and marketing. The American Red Cross is one of the most efficient organizations but still spends about 8% of its total contributions on expenses and campaign marketing. Other charities spend much more but the average … [Read more...]

6 Guerrilla Crowdfunding Promotion Hacks

Guerrilla crowdfunding promotion hacks may be unconventional but may also get you a ton of viral marketing Unless you’re able to land a sweet spot on the local news to promote your crowdfunding campaign, finding backers can be an excruciatingly tough process. You know your campaign is amazing, even your mom has told you so, but no one else really seems to care. Fed up with traditional … [Read more...]

The Secret to Crowdfunding PR Distribution

Plenty of sites claim to offer the secret to crowdfunding PR distribution, along with paid packages of crowdfunding promotion services. Follow this process to take control of your own press release marketing. Writing an irresistible crowdfunding press release does no good unless you get it in front of people and get them to notice your crowdfunding PR. Even with a great story, it’s not easy … [Read more...]