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Crowdfunding? You Can’t Afford to Miss These Three Tips

One crowdfunder shares his experience raising money and invaluable tips for your next crowdfunding campaign Today’s crowdfunding campaign review comes from Luke Mordue, director of Mad World Animation. I like to interview crowd campaigns about their experience crowdfunding, challenges they’ve faced and things they’ve learned. It’s a great way for campaigns to share their story and for future … [Read more...]

Why are Crowdfunding Games so Successful? [and how to tap into it]

Learn what makes crowdfunding gaming campaigns so successful on Kickstarter to raise more money for your project I’ve been following Kickstarter and writing about crowdfunding for nearly five years now and have always been surprised by the success gamers have with the fundraising revolution. Campaigns for games make up less than 9% of the projects launched on Kickstarter but bring in 22% of … [Read more...]

What is the Best Time of Year for Crowdfunding?

Data shows when the best time of year and even the best time of the month to launch a crowdfunding campaign I get asked when is the best time to start a crowdfunding campaign quite a bit from readers. The question takes different forms like, “What’s the best time of year for crowdfunding?” or the best times of the week or month. Launching your crowdfunding campaign will come down to other … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding to Overcome a Personal Financial Crisis

Follow these steps to learn how crowdfunding can help you overcome a personal financial crisis Crowdfunding proves to be an influential force and it continues to expand into different industries. It captivates the interest of individuals and organizations alike. But what’s the appeal? The crowdfunding model empowers anyone to rally support for a cause or project that they believe in. From … [Read more...]

Church Fundraising Ideas that Raised $450,000 – Case Study

These 11 crowdfunding campaigns offer some creative church fundraising ideas to raise big money for your church project or cause. I got an email from a pastor about church fundraising ideas after last week’s post on planning your Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign. I thought I would check in with the church fundraising campaigns we highlighted in this post and add some more ways to raise money … [Read more...]