7 Crowdfunding Video Tips

camera-1598632_640In this age of information and entrepreneurship, crowdfunding is a practice that is growing in popularity. It’s being seen as a convenient way to raise capital for projects and startups. With crowdfunding you get people involved, a community effort of sorts. Perhaps you have a concept that is only a vision right now and you’re in the process of bringing it to reality. In your search for self-employment income or entrepreneurial glory, you can use crowdfunding to your advantage, if you use it effectively. There are many avenues and sites for crowdfunding, so one key thing to keep in mind foremost is to pick your platform. Part of the crowdfunding process often entails a video providing a visual story for your fundraising effort. We’ll cover 7 important tips to help you put together the best crowdfunding video.

Go For High Quality

Make sure that your video and audio is of the best quality possible. While it is possible to shoot high-quality video on an iPhone or Android device, make sure the phone is on a tripod or some kind of device for stabilization. Have clear audio and good lighting, basically making effort to have your video look professional. When trying to raise funds the last thing you need to do is look amateurish.

Keep Mentions of Rewards To Two or Three

One of the most common mistakes people make when crowdfunding is going through an entire list of rewards. People don’t want to hear you go on and on about every reward offered. Use a couple of your best rewards to get viewers excited about what you have to offer. Enthusiasm is contagious, so keep it high and allow it to drive donations. As for the remaining rewards, include a mention of the entire list and where it can be seen on your campaign page.

Keep It Simple and Interesting

When making any video, you want to keep it short and to the point, ending with a bang. There’s no need to make a two hour film to ask people for money for your project. Keep the video short and exciting, the firing up the viewer and making them want to learn more about your project. Three minutes or less is the ideal time length for your video. If you have a tendency to ramble on, just remember that with your crowdfunding campaign you also have a written page where you can go into more detail and even supplement your video and information with photos.

Save the Adlibs

Don’t bother trying to wing it, unless you’re a professional public speaker. Put together a solid script and make sure you hit all the key points of your campaign. Establish the who, what, when, where, and why of your campaign. Read it out loud and make revisions to it until it is near perfect or at least very satisfactory. When you shoot the final product you should sound and feel natural.


Don’t forget to address the very purpose of your video. Ask for a donation and for help spreading your campaign via social media sharing. Make sure “the ask” is clear, carefully worded, and with a call to action and urgency. Let the viewer know specifically what to do and don’t leave it up to them to figure things out on their own. Make sure everything is sincere so you can turn a viewer into a donor.

Look To Others For Inspiration

Before you dive into your crowdfunding campaign and video, take a look at some successful campaigns so you can have an idea of what it takes to successfully raise funds. People who have been able to raise a lot of money typically have great videos. Learn from their experience and gain some inspiration from it.

Tell A Story

Beyond just a pitch and messaging you need a great story to sell your campaign. You’re vying for your viewers’ attention, which is probably quite limited since they’re online and there’s many possible distractions. You have to get their attention and keep it. Tell a story about your product or company, yourself, or the story of your ideal customer or who your project is truly meant to impact. This increases relatability and emotional appeal, prompting people to be more generous in giving.

When done properly, a crowdfunding campaign can be very engaging and inspiring. A compelled viewer becomes a giver when they feel like they are a part of something worthwhile. This is why you should make the effort to have a great crowdfunding video.