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Forget Crowdfunding, Get a Peer Loan Instead!

Crowdfunding is just one side of the alternative finance coin. Is a peer loan a better option for your funding need? Crowdfunding is changing the way people raise money for their dream projects and business ideas but is it the best form of financing available? Massive growth in peer lending last year brought the industry mainstream and may be a better option for your needs. Peer lending is the … [Read more...]

The Top 15 Personal Finance Sites for 2018

I follow a lot of other bloggers, mostly in personal finance and crowdfunding. Check out some of my favorite personal finance sites. What? You searched for Best Personal Finance Blogs 2018 and found a website about crowdfunding? I’m just as surprised as you are how well this article has been ranking but don’t click out just yet. I’ve included a list of the best personal finance blogs and bloggers … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Find Extra Time for your Business Idea

Finding time to start your business idea is the biggest roadblock for many. Use these 14 ways to find extra time to launch your business. Since much of crowdfunding revolves around starting and running a small business, I wanted to do a series of posts on starting a business or developing an idea. Talking with a few readers about the idea revealed one very important question, “Who has time to … [Read more...]

The Truth about Government Small Business Grants

Government business grants are often the first thing entrepreneurs think of when looking for startup money. The truth is that the few grants available may not be worth your time. This article on government small business grants is the fifth in our small business funding series. Grants are like scholarships and do not have to be paid back so naturally they are the first thing many entrepreneurs … [Read more...]

Best Personal Finance Advice from around the Web

This post is a weekly roundup of the best personal finance advice from around the web. I follow a lot of the personal finance bloggers on the internet and select the best posts every week for this roundup. I've summarized the posts below but there's still a ton of detail within each article. Click through to the posts and be sure to tell the blogger where you heard about their blog. I'm always … [Read more...]