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How to Start a Real Estate Investment Group for Crowdfunding

Creating a real estate investment group can minimize the problems with real estate investing and crowdfunding I love real estate crowdfunding as a compliment to my portfolio of rental properties. Through the crowd, I’ve been able to minimize a lot of the problems with direct real estate investing that cause investors to lose money. But real estate crowdfunding isn’t without its own problems … [Read more...]

RealtyShares Review: The Social Revolution Comes to Real Estate Investing

RealtyShares is one of the largest real estate crowdfunding platforms and a great opportunity for individual investors Before I was a crowdfunding blogger, even before I worked in investment analysis for big-money institutional firms, I was a commercial real estate agent. It was my first professional job and it started a life-long love of real estate investing and development. The problem … [Read more...]

PeerStreet Review of Crowdfunding Fees and Returns

PeerStreet offers solid returns and low fees as well as a unique feature for stress-free real estate investing I’ve invested heavily in real estate crowdfunding over the last few years, both for solid cash flow and to diversify my direct property investments. That means, even though I’ve only invested on three platforms, I’ve reviewed dozens of sites. Most seem basically the same and I’ve … [Read more...]

A Real Estate Crowdfunding Investor Shares His Secrets

A real estate professional shares his experience and tips as a real estate crowdfunding investor Real estate crowdfunding is quickly becoming the new alternative asset class of choice for investors. I’ve shared my experience investing on RealtyShares and PeerStreet here on the blog but wanted to get another investor’s perspective on a different website. The VP of Communications, Soren … [Read more...]

The Pyramid Plan to Pick Real Estate Crowdfunding Investing Deals

Real estate crowdfunding could be the biggest opportunity for Main Street investors in more than 50 years I’ve been a real estate investor since just after the Marine Corps in 2001. I was first a commercial real estate analyst and then started buying single-family homes for rent. Few investments offer the kind of benefits you get from real estate but there are also so very big disadvantages … [Read more...]