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5 Item Presentation Strategies to Boost Silent Auction Bids

Picture this: your fundraising team spends valuable time and resources on soliciting auction items and ends up procuring dozens of high-quality, enticing offerings that your attendees will love. However, on the day of your silent auction, you notice that your standout items aren’t receiving as many bids as you thought. It’s then that you realize […]

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5 Tips for Creating Engaging Event Content and Programming

Nonprofit event organizers dedicate their time to planning and executing events that will push their organizations’ goals forward, such as educating attendees about their cause, raising funds, or fostering networking opportunities among industry professionals. To make your event a success, you must properly engage your attendees and hold their attention. If not, it will be […]

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5 Key Steps for Effective Nonprofit Volunteer Training

Effective and productive volunteers are the fuel that keeps nonprofit organizations thriving. Recruiting volunteers is critical, but it’s also important to teach them the skills they will need to succeed. Volunteers carry out numerous tasks that provide value to nonprofits, with the latest value of a volunteer hour estimated at $31.80, according to the Independent Sector’s […]

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Sustainable Fundraising: 3 Nonprofit Recycling Fundraisers

Nonprofit professionals are constantly seeking fresh new fundraising ideas to garner enough monetary support to power their purpose. However, for environmentally-focused organizations, it can be difficult to balance the need for fundraising and the waste that fundraising events produce. Even if your nonprofit doesn’t specifically deal with environmental issues, prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness is still a valuable […]

This article explores 7 best practices for soliciting auction items for nonprofit events.

7 Best Practices for Soliciting Auction Items Successfully

So you’ve decided to host an auction. An exciting event like this for your school or nonprofit is a time-tested way to engage your guests and bring in fundraising revenue. And as you’re also probably realizing, auctions involve a lot of planning. One of the most complex planning aspects is the item solicitation. That’s why we’ve […]