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4 DIY Fundraising Idea Types To Boost Nonprofit Donations

Do-it-yourself (DIY) campaigns, also known as supporter-driven campaigns, occasion campaigns, and third-party fundraising, are among the fastest-growing types of peer-to-peer fundraisers. These campaigns help nonprofits of all shapes and sizes empower their donors to fundraise their way by creating campaigns customized to their stories. Although this form of peer-to-peer fundraising has been around for a while, its rise in popularity […]

5 Design Tips to Engage Donors Through Event Microsites

As your nonprofit plans an upcoming fundraising event, donor engagement is likely your top priority. You may plan event activities, entertainment, or donation methods that most appeal to your audience. But another (and equally important) area of focus should be on the content you share to promote your event. Event microsites are small websites created […]

From Passion to Purpose: Crafting a Fundraising Story

Imagine you receive the following two fundraising appeals in your email inbox: Appeal #1: Support animals in need by donating to our animal shelter today. Head to our donation page to make a difference! Appeal #2: Support animals in need—like Buddy, a stray pit bull with a broken leg—by donating to our animal shelter today. […]

5 Item Presentation Strategies to Boost Silent Auction Bids

Picture this: your fundraising team spends valuable time and resources on soliciting auction items and ends up procuring dozens of high-quality, enticing offerings that your attendees will love. However, on the day of your silent auction, you notice that your standout items aren’t receiving as many bids as you thought. It’s then that you realize […]