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10 Best Business Practices for Small Business

Putting these business practices in place will help you grow and understand exactly what will lead to success Running a business is much more than creating and selling a product…ok, running a successful business is anyway. Your business may do well initially just pushing out a product or service but real growth, real success means process improvement. Without a formal guide of best business … [Read more...]

Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy

Reach the real crowd in crowdfunding with a crowdfunding marketing strategy and don’t join the 60% of campaigns that fail to reach their funding goal This post is a follow-up to a post last week on the different resources in crowdfunding campaign marketing and how to get the most bang for your buck. Social media is all the rage and a lot of people spend their entire budget but it’s still some of … [Read more...]

Forget Crowdfunding, Get a Peer Loan Instead!

Crowdfunding is just one side of the alternative finance coin. Is a peer loan a better option for your funding need? Crowdfunding is changing the way people raise money for their dream projects and business ideas but is it the best form of financing available? Massive growth in peer lending last year brought the industry mainstream and may be a better option for your needs. Peer lending is the … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding vs Bank Loans to Jumpstart Your Business

The question shouldn’t be between crowdfunding versus a bank loan but how you can use both to grow your business I get a lot of questions about crowdfunding versus other business funding sources. Crowdfunding has really stepped up over the last decade to fill a gap in funding left behind from banks unwilling to make loans. But it takes a lot of work and even some startup money to launch a … [Read more...]

7 Critical Parts of a Business Plan for Small Business Owners

The most important parts of a business plan can help even the smallest business survive and grow You can’t spell busy without business…ok, almost but it’s definitely true that business owners have enough on their schedule. That means the kind of high-level planning that goes into a business plan usually gets pushed aside for the tactical, day-to-day planning of how to make that next … [Read more...]