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Fiverr Review: How to Find Virtual Assistants that Don’t Suck

Fiverr can help you make your crowdfunding campaign a success with inexpensive help on all your tasks Crowdfunding is more work than most people understand before they start putting their campaign together. Weeks need to be spent on campaign research, outreach and planning…and that’s just in the pre-launch phase. Even small businesses with a staff of workers may not have the short-term help … [Read more...]

What Does The IRS Have To Do With The EIN?

The IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, performs a crucial job for the American government- the collection of taxes. The IRS collects taxes from both individuals and businesses, and that money goes to fund a variety of programs and organizations.  Most individuals are familiar with the tax process from an “employee” standpoint- your taxes are deducted from your paycheck throughout the year, and you … [Read more...]

5 Small Business Funding Mistakes Defeating Your Dreams

Are your misconceptions about crowdfunding and small business funding defeating your dreams? I’ve been working with business owners on their plans to raise money through crowdfunding and alternative finance for a few years and thought I had heard all the business funding misconceptions most popularly held. I was wrong. Polling business owners with Manta ahead of the March 19th Webinar on … [Read more...]

An All-in-One Small Business Accounting Solution that Actually Works

Xero accounting software can handle your small business accounting, inventory and taxes in one manageable solution I’ve been keeping some form of small business records since 2003, first starting with just small freelance gigs and transitioning to a full-time side hustler in 2013. It’s been a long road and one of the biggest problems has always been keeping the books straight. I’m an … [Read more...]

QuickBooks Online Review: Get Your Business Organized and Profitable

Intuit has upgraded its QuickBooks Online accounting software, making it a strong resource for keeping your small business organized I’m an old school Excel guy and have always just kept my own books in a simple spreadsheet. So I was a bit skeptical when a blogger friend told me I needed to review Quickbooks Online accounting software. I’ve already got Excel, so why do I need accounting … [Read more...]