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The Best Crowdfunding Social Media Tools for Small Biz Campaigns

A social media campaign is critical to small biz and crowdfunding success. Check out these three crowdfunding social media tools to make it easier. Despite the common misconception, there is no ‘crowd’ in crowdfunding. Running a successful crowdfunding campaign means reaching out through social media tools and bringing people to your campaign page. Creating your own buzz through social media … [Read more...]

How to Use Peer Small Business Loans to Jumpstart Your Dream

Peer lending has emerged as a great source for small business loans and the first step in funding your dream business This post is the third in our series on the small business funding process and part of our complete book on starting a business, From Zero to Business. The traditional system of bank loans and big money investors never really worked that well for most entrepreneurs and has broken … [Read more...]

Getting off the Ground with Small Business Crowdfunding

Small business crowdfunding is still misunderstood and only a few are taking advantage of the opportunities. Find out what it can mean for your small business idea. A recent survey by Manta of 1,287 businesses revealed that only 2% of small businesses reported using crowdfunding to raise money even though 67% reported not having enough funding choices. Small business crowdfunding has the … [Read more...]

7 Secrets to a Successful Facebook Business Page

Follow the tips below to make sure your Facebook Business page is set up for success! The jury is still out on which social media platform will yield the most benefit for your business or blog. I hear pretty consistently that Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account for the majority of social media visitors to a site with Facebook usually coming out as the top single source. I’ve seen the most … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Find Extra Time for your Business Idea

Finding time to start your business idea is the biggest roadblock for many. Use these 14 ways to find extra time to launch your business. Since much of crowdfunding revolves around starting and running a small business, I wanted to do a series of posts on starting a business or developing an idea. Talking with a few readers about the idea revealed one very important question, “Who has time to … [Read more...]