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The Best Crowdfunding Social Media Tools for Small Biz Campaigns

A social media campaign is critical to small biz and crowdfunding success. Check out these three crowdfunding social media tools to make it easier. Despite the common misconception, there is no ‘crowd’ in crowdfunding. Running a successful crowdfunding campaign means reaching out through social media tools and bringing people to your campaign page. Creating your own buzz through social media … [Read more...]

10 Best Business Practices for Small Business

Putting these business practices in place will help you grow and understand exactly what will lead to success Running a business is much more than creating and selling a product…ok, running a successful business is anyway. Your business may do well initially just pushing out a product or service but real growth, real success means process improvement. Without a formal guide of best business … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Get All the Equity Financing You Want

Getting equity financing can mean the difference between growth or slow death for a startup, use this three-step process to get the money you need I’ve started a few companies and have consulted on dozens more over the last ten years. In that time, few topics have been as important as how to secure equity financing to keep the startup alive. I know, the idea of bootstrapping a company is all … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding vs Bank Loans to Jumpstart Your Business

The question shouldn’t be between crowdfunding versus a bank loan but how you can use both to grow your business I get a lot of questions about crowdfunding versus other business funding sources. Crowdfunding has really stepped up over the last decade to fill a gap in funding left behind from banks unwilling to make loans. But it takes a lot of work and even some startup money to launch a … [Read more...]

Save Thousands by Converting from Sole Proprietor to LLC

These five steps make it easy to convert from a sole proprietor to LLC and can save you thousands I’ve been considering converting from a sole proprietorship to an LLC for my online business over the past couple of years. Nobody likes the double taxation you get with a corporation but there are some huge benefits for small businesses under the LLC structure with an S-Corp designation. Before … [Read more...]