Raise money for your animal welfare cause with crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding for Animal Welfare: 4 Tips to Make a Difference

Animal welfare organizations play a critical role in caring for and protecting vulnerable animals. However, funding can be a challenge, and traditional fundraising methods alone may not be enough to garner the support they need. That’s where crowdfunding comes into play. Crowdfunding relies on a large number of donors making small to midsize gifts, typically through an […]

Effectively manage your sorority and fraternity finances with these budgeting tips.

5 Top Budgeting Strategies for Sororities and Fraternities

When it comes to fraternity and sorority management, overseeing finances is a crucial, yet challenging part to master. After all, a comprehensive budget takes time to create, but you have classes, extracurricular activities, and other managerial responsibilities to juggle. If you’re anything like most college students in your position, you likely don’t have extensive financial experience […]

Text: "3 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Donation Page" overlaid over an image of hands typing on a laptop with a donation page on the screen.

3 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Nonprofit’s Donation Page

Picture this: A new supporter has landed on your nonprofit’s website. Eager to learn more about your cause, they scroll through your homepage and discover that they want to support your mission. However, after searching tirelessly through your website, they’re unable to find your donation page and click away to support another organization instead. Your […]

Clear job descriptions can streamline nonprofit operations.

Job Descriptions: Their Impact and Value

Job descriptions are formal, written statements that identify the duties, responsibilities, and competencies required to perform a particular role. While this definition is accurate, it fails to capture the far-reaching impact job descriptions have on attracting and retaining talent and building a successful organization. Well-crafted job descriptions play a central role in almost all aspects […]

Text: "Tasty Food Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for Your School" over a picture of a school bake sale in the summer.

Tasty Food Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for Schools

Engaging young kids in a school fundraiser requires creativity, and what’s a better attention-getter than tasty snacks? When thinking through your fundraising options, choose a strategy that will get your students, their parents, and their social circles excited about raising money for your school. Food fundraisers are a delicious way to start! We’ll look at […]