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Crowdsourcing and Bankruptcy Risks

If you think that all you need to be successful are a great idea and the money to make it real, you should take a step back and learn from the experience of others. Managing budgets and expectations as well as careful planning is sometimes more important than coming up with the idea that people love and are ready to support. Crowdsourcing is the most democratic way to support a product or an … [Read more...]

5 Golden Rules of Successful Traders

There are different types of investors with diverse backgrounds and trading strategies, including institutional investors, trading robots, and high-frequency trading specialists. The competition for profits can be fierce and that’s why, when using popular trading brokers such as UFX, it’s important to observe 5 golden rules that can give your trading a solid foundation. #1 Choose the broker … [Read more...]

Options Aplenty for People Looking for Money

Are you short on money? Perhaps you need a new set of winter tires or are aching for a long-needed vacation. Whatever your need for money, you don’t have it but will do anything to get it. For many people, the obvious answer is to go to the bank and get a loan or a line of credit. For others, there’s no chance of getting loan approval from a bank. Luckily, there are quite a few other options … [Read more...]