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A Step-by-Step Guide to Thanking Church Donors

Imagine this: you’ve just pulled off a successful church fundraiser. Your team raised a record-breaking amount of funds, and you’re ready to jump into planning your next fundraising campaign, equipped with the knowledge you’ve gained from your newfound success. However, you’re missing a vital step of the fundraising process before you can close out the campaign […]

3 Tools to Boost Higher Education Fundraising Results

Higher education institutions rely on fundraising to give their students the best experience possible. Whether you need to pay for scholarships, renovate campus buildings, or fund your athletic programs, raising funds from your community of donors and alumni is the answer. But to raise funds efficiently and reach your fundraising goals, you need the right technology. […]

Use These 6 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Campaign

With fundraising moving increasingly online, many development directors may question whether offline fundraising ideas are even worth it anymore. Some nonprofit professionals reason that their crowdfunding campaign is online, and that’s where their outreach should be as well. Even if your campaign collects donations online, however, you still need offline campaign elements to make your fundraising more […]

In-Person vs. Virtual Charity Events: Key Considerations

Virtual events are here to stay as a now-standard option for diversifying your nonprofit’s event calendar. But that doesn’t mean classic, in-person experiences are a thing of the past – far from it. Instead, nonprofits are now faced with more options when it comes to choosing the format of an upcoming event. There are benefits […]