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Ultimate Real Estate Crowdfunding Guide for Beginners

Use this real estate crowdfunding guide to decide if the new opportunity in property investing is right for you From commercial real estate agent to investor and landlord, I think I’ve been involved in just about every step in property investing. I’ve been investing in real estate for about as long as I’ve had money […]

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Real Estate Crowdfunding Just Got Easier with Patch of Land

Jason Fritton of Patch of Land shares his insight on real estate finance and how the company is opening up the market for real estate crowdfunding through its peer network of investors. My first real job was as a commercial real estate agent just after getting out of the Marine Corps. Besides being on the […]

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Equity Crowdfunding Real Estate Deals

Equity crowdfunding real estate has become a huge opportunity for both investors and developers. Today’s campaign review comes from another equity crowdfunding campaign on EquityNet. Vulcan Investments Global LLC has raised just over a million of its $4.1 million goal for two real estate development projects in Chile. I talked to the company’s Chief Executive […]