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Campaign Strategy: Crowdfunding Research for Campaign Success

Crowdfunding research is usually an after-thought for most in their campaign strategy but can help keep you from avoiding the mistakes that leads to failure. Researching your crowdfunding campaign really comes down to two parts, knowing what works and is realistic for campaigns like yours and choosing a crowdfunding platform for your needs. Doing these will help you set realistic goals and put … [Read more...]

How to Make a Business Plan and Bonus Free Business Plan Samples

Use this guide on how to make a business plan and free business plan samples to get your business idea started and ready for funding Whether you already have a business or just an idea, a business plan is essential. Even if you’re not considering raising money for your business, a plan will help you guide your strategy in production, marketing and management. If you are looking to fund your … [Read more...]

How Crowdfunding is Bridging the Gender Gap

Crowdfunding is bridging the gender gap in Japan and democratizing small business funding If you think the gender gap is bad in the United States, check out some of these examples in Japan. On average, women in Japan earn 30% less than men – the third widest among OECD countries. Just 65% of the female working-age population is employed, compared to 82% for men and women held just 12% of … [Read more...]

5 Small Business Funding Mistakes Defeating Your Dreams

Are your misconceptions about crowdfunding and small business funding defeating your dreams? I’ve been working with business owners on their plans to raise money through crowdfunding and alternative finance for a few years and thought I had heard all the business funding misconceptions most popularly held. I was wrong. Polling business owners with Manta ahead of the March 19th Webinar on … [Read more...]

How to Plan a 2016 Crowdfunding Campaign

Planning a 2016 crowdfunding campaign may be more than the click of a mouse. Use this guide to get ready. A new year brings new goals for fundraising and taking your small business idea to the next level. Crowdfunding has emerged as a great opportunity to raise the money you need to make your dreams a reality. While I wouldn’t generally get caught up on the timing of a crowdfunding campaign, now … [Read more...]