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Top 5 Equity Crowdfunding Platforms for Investing your Money

Equity Crowdfunding is becoming one of the hottest trends in investing and could be ready to explode higher! Just one year after passage of Title II of the JOBS Act, a total of 534 companies successfully met their crowdfunding goal for equity participation. More than $200 million in equity capital was raised, averaging a little over $400k per company. The industry is developing quickly and … [Read more...]

Best Investment: Equity Crowdfunding versus Stock Investing?

Equity crowdfunding offers higher returns on investment but how does it stack up on other factors versus stock investing? So maybe I’m a little biased to equity crowdfunding. As a venture capital analyst, I’ve seen the huge returns in startup investing compared to stock investing and I’m excited about the new asset class for regular investors. But should most investors even care about … [Read more...]

Can Equity Crowdfunding Returns Beat the Stock Market?

Equity crowdfunding returns offer the potential for 10- and 20-times your money or more but it’s an investment unlike any other Stock returns have averaged about 8% annually over the last several decades. That’s not bad and roughly doubles your money every ten years. The problem is that those returns may quite a bit lower in the future. Stock prices are at record highs and economic growth … [Read more...]

Two Alternative Investment Strategies for When Stocks are Too Expensive

These two alternative investment strategies can help you earn high returns without having to follow the herd into expensive stocks The stock market is ridiculously expensive. I’ve been an equity analyst for more than a decade and am always frustrated by these late-stage innings in bull markets. Despite warning signs and stock valuations near record highs, investors keep piling money into the … [Read more...]

How to Place High-Quality Tenants in Your Rental

If you are renting out your property, it is important that you hand over the keys to a tenant you can trust.  You have already invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into your property to attract the highest-quality tenant, so how do you make sure you choose the right one? A high-quality tenant will be fiscally responsible, reliable, and respectful to your passive real estate … [Read more...]