The article’s title, “Stakeholders to Engage in Nonprofit Strategic Planning,” next to two people making notes on a clipboard and notebook.

6 Stakeholders to Engage in Nonprofit Strategic Planning

At any given time, your nonprofit has several goals and priorities to consider—whether that’s launching a new program or incorporating more sustainable fundraising initiatives into your strategy. As time goes on and circumstances shift, you need to have a strategic plan in place to keep your team on track. Engaging a variety of stakeholders in your strategic […]

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5 Key Steps for Effective Nonprofit Volunteer Training

Effective and productive volunteers are the fuel that keeps nonprofit organizations thriving. Recruiting volunteers is critical, but it’s also important to teach them the skills they will need to succeed. Volunteers carry out numerous tasks that provide value to nonprofits, with the latest value of a volunteer hour estimated at $31.80, according to the Independent Sector’s […]

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5 Strategies to Improve Museum Community Engagement

Whether your museum focuses on art, history, science, or another subject matter, its purpose is to bring people together through dynamic educational experiences. Anyone who visits your facility or interacts with your content should come away feeling like they learned something new and knowing that they belong within your community. Although some of this purpose […]

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Google Analytics’ Role In Successful Online Fundraising

Meet Lisa, a digital coordinator at a nonprofit organization with a mission to raise funds for higher education. Lisa puts a lot of time and effort into creating online fundraisers because she knows that is the best way to reach a wide audience and get the funds they need. However, like many of us, Lisa […]

How to Get Your Board On Board with a Capital Campaign

Launching a capital campaign is a pivotal moment for your nonprofit. These long-term, major fundraising campaigns can transform your organization’s capacity to further your mission and fund major projects like constructing a building or starting an endowment. It’s an exciting step in your nonprofit’s journey, but the scale of this type of campaign can also feel overwhelming. […]