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Fiverr Review: How to Find Virtual Assistants that Don’t Suck

Fiverr can help you make your crowdfunding campaign a success with inexpensive help on all your tasks Crowdfunding is more work than most people understand before they start putting their campaign together. Weeks need to be spent on campaign research, outreach and planning…and that’s just in the pre-launch phase. Even small businesses with a staff of workers may not have the short-term help … [Read more...]

Best Crowdfunding Books for 2017 for Small Business and Investors

These top crowdfunding books will help you meet your business goals and invest wisely in 2017 Less than 2% of small businesses are using crowdfunding and the market for crowdfunding investing has just opened to everyone last year. It’s fair to say that the vast majority of people have no idea what kind of an opportunity awaits in the crowd. I’ve spent years learning about crowdfunding … [Read more...]

Best Free Crowdfunding Promotion Services for your Campaign

The best free crowdfunding promotion services for your campaign are the free resources available to you already One of the most frequent questions I get on the blog is whether crowdfunding promotion services are worth it. I looked at the most common crowdfunding promotion scams in a prior post and talked about the need for quality rather than quantity in crowdfunding campaign promotion. The … [Read more...]

PR Strategy to Take Your Campaign Viral

An effective PR strategy can mean the difference between wasted money and viral marketing for your press release Press releases have become so overused and spammy that they are almost a cliché for most campaigns. Few people understand how to design an effective PR strategy around their release, meaning it goes ignored along with thousands of others on any particular day. Use the same tired, … [Read more...]

The Best Crowdfunding Social Media Tools for Small Biz Campaigns

A social media campaign is critical to small biz and crowdfunding success. Check out these three crowdfunding social media tools to make it easier. Despite the common misconception, there is no ‘crowd’ in crowdfunding. Running a successful crowdfunding campaign means reaching out through social media tools and bringing people to your campaign page. Creating your own buzz through social media … [Read more...]