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3 CSR Ideas to Promote Your Gym and Engage Your Community

More companies are committed to promoting social good through corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the fitness industry is no exception. In fact, a recent survey found that as consumers increasingly choose brands based on CSR values, 69% of respondents report that their organizations have generated increased sales due to CSR initiatives. As a gym owner, your reasons for hosting a fundraiser […]

A Guide to Smarter Fundraising with Nonprofit Data Analysis

In 2022, individuals gave $319.04 billion to charitable causes, making up 64% of total giving to nonprofits for the year. Because individual donors play such an integral role in nonprofit fundraising, your nonprofit must acquire, appeal to, and retain these supporters by creating personalized experiences. Analyzing your data will uncover valuable insights and opportunities you […]

How to Get Your Board On Board with a Capital Campaign

Launching a capital campaign is a pivotal moment for your nonprofit. These long-term, major fundraising campaigns can transform your organization’s capacity to further your mission and fund major projects like constructing a building or starting an endowment. It’s an exciting step in your nonprofit’s journey, but the scale of this type of campaign can also feel overwhelming. […]

4 Tips for Creating More Impactful Nonprofit Text Messages

Text messages are highly appealing to organizations looking to connect with more supporters—they’re fast, simple, and have the highest open rate of any nonprofit communication channel (98%). Instead of spending hours crafting the perfect email that donors may not even read, your team can send personal messages via text that supporters will see in minutes. But in […]