Review: Best CMS For Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

What CMS is best for your next crowdfunding campaign? Read our review of both the Drupal and WordPress CMS and how they can catapult your crowdfunding efforts.

Learn about how you can train your crowdfunding team with this guide.

How to Train Your Crowdfunding Team for Success in 7 Steps

Crowdfunding can be an exciting way to raise much-needed funds and reach new donors to your cause by leveraging the networks of staff, volunteers, and friends. Yet to make the most of all crowdfunding technology at your fingertips, you need to get past the “build it and they will come” mentality and apply some tried […]

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3 Fundraising Tips that Helped Raise $110,000 [ Case Study ]

These fundraising tips helped three non-profits raise more than $110,000 in less than a year. Build them into your non-profit campaign for your own fundraising success! While social cause fundraising accounts for nearly 30% of the $10 billion+ crowdfunding market, the failure rate on non-profit campaigns is extremely high. Crowdfunding on sites like GoFundMe has […]

The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Crowdfunding – Infographic

Money to crowdfunding campaigns is doubling every year and but nearly two-thirds of campaigns still fail. What does it take to launch an effective crowdfunding campaign? Why are there only six habits of effective crowdfunding instead of the traditional “7 Habits?” Crowdfunding can be easy. You don’t need seven habits but you do need to […]

Starting a nonprofit? Follow these steps for Form 1023 approval.

Your New 501(c)(3) Nonprofit: 6 Steps for Form 1023 Approval

Online fundraising has opened the door for so many people to support their favorite causes and make an impact in their communities. Many of these passionate people find themselves interested in taking their support to the next level, forming their own organizations to pursue their mission as an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit. So what’s standing in […]