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Hard Money Lenders vs Real Estate Crowdfunding: All You Need to Know

Unlike in the past, securing the necessary funds for a real estate project is getting easier. This can be attributed to the digital revolution which has facilitated crowdfunding platforms and made the acquisition of hard money loans quite simple. The two forms of financing projects are both tenable to different investors depending on their financial needs as well as their personal … [Read more...]

Ultimate List of Crowdfunding and Fundraising Websites

Understanding the fees and unique features on crowdfunding sites and fundraising websites can help you choose between the hundreds of options. While almost all the media attention for crowdfunding sites goes to mega platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there are hundreds of other crowdfunding and fundraising websites to meet your campaign goal. Understanding the fees and unique features at … [Read more...]

13 of the Best Crowdfunding Resources for your Campaign

Crowdfunding is tough but fortunately there are plenty of great tools to help. Check out 13 of the best crowdfunding resources for your fundraising or crowdfunding campaign. The rise of crowdfunding has brought a wave of crowdfunding promotion and marketing services, so many that it’s sometimes difficult to find the free crowdfunding resources out there. I put together this list to highlight … [Read more...]

3 Fundraising Tips that Helped Raise $110,000 [ Case Study ]

These fundraising tips helped three non-profits raise more than $110,000 in less than a year. Build them into your non-profit campaign for your own fundraising success! While social cause fundraising accounts for nearly 30% of the $10 billion+ crowdfunding market, the failure rate on non-profit campaigns is extremely high. Crowdfunding on sites like GoFundMe has taken fundraising to the masses … [Read more...]

Crowdfund Anything: Crowdfunding Research Science

 The evolving environment for science crowdfunding is opening new opportunities for crowdfunding research science. Today’s post is from Nick Dragojlovic, PhD on crowdfunding research science. Nick has studied science crowdfunding and how alternative finance can be used to finance early-state drug development. While the opportunity to crowdfunding research science on traditional platforms like … [Read more...]