How to Analyze Equity Crowdfunding Deals: Researching the Market

Market research is an overlooked part of analyzing equity crowdfunding deals but critical to your investing success Most investors don’t have much experience doing in-depth analysis so it’s … [Read More...]

What do Kevin Bacon and Crowdfunding have in Common?

Influencer marketing is more effective when you work through mutual connections. Follow these steps in your crowdfunding outreach. We talk about crowdfunding outreach and reaching influential people … [Read More...]

How to Protect your Crowdfunding Investment

Crowdfunding investing doesn’t stop after you wire the money. Learn your role after investing in the startup and how to protect your investment. Crowdfunding investing is different from other forms of startup investing like angel and venture capital. Once your funds have been transferred and are counted as an investor in the company, you may […]

Best Investment: Equity Crowdfunding versus Stock Investing?

Equity crowdfunding offers higher returns but how does it stack up on other factors versus stock investing? So maybe I’m a little biased to equity crowdfunding. As a venture capital analyst, I’ve seen the huge returns in startup investing compared to stock investing and I’m excited about the new asset class for regular investors. But […]

Types of Crowdfunding Deals and Investment

Understanding the different types of crowdfunding deals could mean the difference between worthless stock and big returns One of the most common misconceptions about equity crowdfunding investing is that investors assume it will be similar to stock investing. Investors scan one of the many crowdfunding portals for companies in which to invest, thinking that’s all […]

8 Crowdfunding Portals to Follow for the Best Deals

Not all equity crowdfunding portals are created equal. Get to know some of the platforms I follow for good crowdfunding deals. As little as is known about equity crowdfunding as a new investment … [Read More...]

3 Fundraising Tips that Helped Raise $110,000

These fundraising tips helped three non-profits raise more than $110,000 in less than a year. Build them into your non-profit campaign for your own fundraising success! While social cause fundraising … [Read More...]

Crowdfunding Investment Exit Strategies: How You Make Money

Learn how crowdfunding investors make money through different startup exit strategies All the analysis, all the time spent reviewing financial statements and management ability is all for one end…to make money. Most of your equity crowdfunding investments will make no money at all and many will return less than your initial investment. There are a […]

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4 Things You Should Know About Alternative Lending

Banks have felt pressure to impose stricter requirements on lenders over the past few years. This may be both because of economic factors and because of stricter regulatory requirements imposed after the Great Recession, according to The Harvard Business Review. Because owners of small and new companies had a tough time qualifying for loans, they […]

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An effective PR strategy can mean the difference between wasted money and viral marketing for your press release Press releases have become so overused and spammy that they are almost a cliché for most campaigns. Few people understand how to design an effective PR strategy around their release, meaning it goes ignored along with thousands […]

Will Management Sabotage Your Crowdfunding Investment?

Assessing management’s ability is one of the most important parts of crowdfunding investing, maybe more so than the business itself Thomas Edison is credited with saying, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99% perspiration,” though he could have just as easily been talking about successful startup companies. One of the most difficult tasks as an […]

Analyzing Start-ups and Crowdfunding Investments

Be ready with the tools you need to analyze crowdfunding investments and startups. Until this year, only wealthy individuals have been allowed to invest in equity crowdfunding investments. These ‘accredited’ investors already had access to the world of private equity and small business start-up investing so the world of crowdfunding investments really wasn’t anything new. […]

Understanding the Funding Cycle in Crowdfunding Investing

Understanding the funding cycle and needs of a startup will help you plan your equity crowdfunding investment Most startup businesses follow a well-known and dreaded J-curve for profitability and overall viability. It’s something every angel investor knows too well and something with which you are going to need to accept as an equity crowdfunding investor. […]

Why Equity Crowdfunding Investments are the Next Big Thing

Equity crowdfunding investments got a boost from new rules this year and could soon open a secret world of investing to everyone The World Bank estimates that global crowdfunding could grow to $90 billion by 2025, nearly twice as large as the venture capital industry and roughly nine times the size of the current market. […]