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Crowdfunding? You Can’t Afford to Miss These Three Tips

One crowdfunder shares his experience raising money and invaluable tips for your next crowdfunding campaign Today’s crowdfunding campaign review comes from Luke Mordue, director of Mad World … [Read More...]

5 Golden Rules of Successful Traders

There are different types of investors with diverse backgrounds and trading strategies, including institutional investors, trading robots, and high-frequency trading specialists. The competition for … [Read More...]

7 Tips for Starting an Online Clothing Shop

Online fashion sales have been rising over the past decade with more and more people opting to make their clothing purchases online. It’s no wonder, then, that a lot of retailers both new and old are now improving their presence on the internet by being active on social media and by setting up online clothing […]

Why are Crowdfunding Games so Successful? [and how to tap into it]

Learn what makes crowdfunding gaming campaigns so successful on Kickstarter to raise more money for your project I’ve been following Kickstarter and writing about crowdfunding for nearly five years now and have always been surprised by the success gamers have with the fundraising revolution. Campaigns for games make up less than 9% of the projects […]

4 Easy Ways of Asking for Support on a Fundraising Project

Beyond asking for support, one of the biggest reasons fundraising projects fail is because people don’t know how they can support the campaign. The biggest problem in fundraising isn’t getting people to give – it’s getting people to ask. The quote above from Zimmerman Lehman’s First Rule of Fundraising is sad but true. Even the […]

The Ultimate Guide of Easy Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Steps

Make your crowdfunding campaign a success before it hits the 'net with the ten best resources for crowdfunding pre-launch strategies. You’re excited, you’ve got an idea for a new product and you want … [Read More...]

What is the Best Time of Year for Crowdfunding?

Data shows when the best time of year and even the best time of the month to launch a crowdfunding campaign I get asked when is the best time to start a crowdfunding campaign quite a bit from … [Read More...]

Can Equity Crowdfunding Returns Beat the Stock Market?

Equity crowdfunding returns offer the potential for 10- and 20-times your money or more but it’s an investment unlike any other Stock returns have averaged about 8% annually over the last several decades. That’s not bad and roughly doubles your money every ten years. The problem is that those returns may quite a bit lower […]

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How Social Media Changed Fundraising

Social media changed fundraising for better and for worse. Understanding social media limitations is the only way to raise more money. I started getting involved fundraising for social causes in 2005 including managing my own 501(c)3 that created after-school programs in Latin America. There were just 12 million Facebook users at the time, most in […]

Two Alternative Investment Strategies for When Stocks are Too Expensive

These two alternative investment strategies can help you earn high returns without having to follow the herd into expensive stocks The stock market is ridiculously expensive. I’ve been an equity analyst for more than a decade and am always frustrated by these late-stage innings in bull markets. Despite warning signs and stock valuations near record […]

3 Must-Ask Questions for a Crowdfunding Consultant

The boom in crowdfunding has produced an army of crowdfunding consultants, but are they really worth your time? Crowdfunding campaigns reach out to me on a regular basis about posting a review of their campaign on the blog. I’m almost always happy to accept some kind of guest post and offer my own thoughts on […]

5 Crowdfunding Projects – From Genius to Stupid Yet Successful

Established initially as a source for raising money for publishing books, crowdfunding has become fashionable these days. Internet became the host of such funding campaigns back in 1997 when the British rock group Marilion managed to raise $60,000 for their tour in the USA. Since then crowdfunding has gained more popularity than ever and in […]

The Little-Known History of Crowdfunding

With the rise of internet based crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo, it’s easy to believe that the concept of crowdfunding is a 21st Century invention. Nothing could be farther from the truth, however, as the concept has its roots in practices that date back centuries. Here is a brief overview of some of […]

How to Write an Irresistible Crowdfunding Press Release

Writing a crowdfunding press release that gets media attention could mean a viral campaign and huge fundraising success. Follow these steps to write an irresistible crowdfunding press release. Used correctly, crowdfunding press releases can be a powerful part of your promotion strategy. If you’re able to craft a compelling story, the crowdfunding press release offers […]