Church Fundraising Ideas that Raised $450,000 – Case Study

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How to Become a Startup Investor for Huge Returns

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7 Crowdfunding Video Tips

In this age of information and entrepreneurship, crowdfunding is a practice that is growing in popularity. It’s being seen as a convenient way to raise capital for projects and startups. With crowdfunding you get people involved, a community effort of sorts. Perhaps you have a concept that is only a vision right now and you’re […]

Are Crowdfunding Promotion Services a Scam? [And What to Do]

A whole industry of crowdfunding promotion has emerged but what are you really getting for your money? Media attention to huge crowdfunding campaign success stories has convinced thousands to jump into online funding before they really understand what it takes to raise money from the crowd. This contributes to the fact that two-thirds of campaigns […]

Ultimate Guide to Crowdfunding Investing Resources

Use these crowdfunding investing resources to better understand the investment and find information around the best deals We’ve covered crowdfunding investing from start to finish on the blog but I wanted to include one last post to point you in the right direction on additional resources. Most of the resources you’ll need to use will […]

10 Warning Signs in Startup Investing

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4 Startup Investing Risks and How to Manage Them

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3 Ways to Value Startup Investing Deals

Using multiple methods for startup investing valuation will help to get a better idea of startup investing returns We’ve covered everything from market research to understanding different types of startup investing deals. When it all comes down to it, estimating the potential return on startup investing deals is what it’s all about. Finding the potential […]

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Important Things to Remember for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The Internet has afforded us to pave new ways and find different avenues where we can seek help from other people. Crowdfunding, as you might already have been familiar with, is the act of seeking help (usually small amounts of money) from many different people. This act is highly successful if it is done thru […]

Analyzing Equity Crowdfunding with Proforma Estimates

You don’t need to be a financial accountant to use proforma estimates to value an equity crowdfunding investment One of the most neglected pieces of equity crowdfunding analysis is the proforma analysis of financial statements. Just the name alone puts most investors to sleep. Building a proforma analysis is simply using management guidance and your […]

How to Analyze Equity Crowdfunding Deals: Researching the Market

Market research is an overlooked part of analyzing equity crowdfunding deals but critical to your investing success Most investors don’t have much experience doing in-depth analysis so it’s understandable that market research usually gets overlooked in equity crowdfunding investing. It’s too bad because a little research can go a long way in understanding how much […]

What do Kevin Bacon and Crowdfunding have in Common?

Influencer marketing is more effective when you work through mutual connections. Follow these steps in your crowdfunding outreach. We talk about crowdfunding outreach and reaching influential people a lot on the blog. Unless you’ve got a massive social network that is ready to tweet, like and +1 your campaign out to their network, the only […]

How to Protect your Crowdfunding Investment

Crowdfunding investing doesn’t stop after you wire the money. Learn your role after investing in the startup and how to protect your investment. Crowdfunding investing is different from other forms of startup investing like angel and venture capital. Once your funds have been transferred and are counted as an investor in the company, you may […]

Best Investment: Equity Crowdfunding versus Stock Investing?

Equity crowdfunding offers higher returns but how does it stack up on other factors versus stock investing? So maybe I’m a little biased to equity crowdfunding. As a venture capital analyst, I’ve seen the huge returns in startup investing compared to stock investing and I’m excited about the new asset class for regular investors. But […]