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5 Strategies to Improve Museum Community Engagement

Whether your museum focuses on art, history, science, or another subject matter, its purpose is to bring people together through dynamic educational experiences. Anyone who visits your facility or interacts with your content should come away feeling like they learned something new and knowing that they belong within your community. Although some of this purpose […]

Stocking Your School Fundraising Toolkit: 4 Essentials

School fundraising does so much to support your staff and students, from buying classroom supplies to purchasing new sports equipment to funding life-changing school trips. But what if you could make an even bigger impact with your campaigns? You may face some bumps in the road that keep you from reaching your full fundraising potential. […]

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Google Analytics’ Role In Successful Online Fundraising

Meet Lisa, a digital coordinator at a nonprofit organization with a mission to raise funds for higher education. Lisa puts a lot of time and effort into creating online fundraisers because she knows that is the best way to reach a wide audience and get the funds they need. However, like many of us, Lisa […]

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5 Creative Ways Charity eCards Can Support Your Mission

Nonprofits are always looking for unique ways to fundraise, gain more community support, and fulfill their missions. While traditional marketing and fundraising methods are reliable, new techniques can invigorate your strategy and stir up excitement amongst your supporters. eCards are a popular way for people to message friends and family and brighten up each other’s […]

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3 CSR Ideas to Promote Your Gym and Engage Your Community

More companies are committed to promoting social good through corporate social responsibility (CSR), and the fitness industry is no exception. In fact, a recent survey found that as consumers increasingly choose brands based on CSR values, 69% of respondents report that their organizations have generated increased sales due to CSR initiatives. As a gym owner, your reasons for hosting a fundraiser […]