Follow along for five helpful tips to make your nonprofit website more accessible.

5 Tips for Improving Website Navigation and Accessibility

As a nonprofit professional, your days are likely spent brainstorming new ways to increase donations and support your beneficiaries and community. While this may entail innovative fundraising ideas and program development, there are also internal ways to sustain your nonprofit’s operations. Your website is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal for rallying […]

In this guide, you'll learn all you need to know about nonprofit risk management, from identifying risks to mitigating them.

Nonprofit Risk Management: Identify & Mitigate Common Risks

When everything is going well for your nonprofit, risk management probably doesn’t seem like a priority. However, if difficult situations arise, having a risk management plan in place can be your organization’s saving grace.

Use These 6 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Campaign

Use These 6 Unique Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Campaign

With fundraising moving increasingly online, many development directors may question whether offline fundraising ideas are even worth it anymore. Some nonprofit professionals reason that their crowdfunding campaign is online, and that’s where their outreach should be as well. Even if your campaign collects donations online, however, you still need offline campaign elements to make your fundraising more […]

Try these unique fundraising strategies for your nonprofit.

4 Innovative Fundraising Ideas to Help Nonprofits Stand Out

Nonprofits have long leaned on traditional fundraising events like galas and walkathons to bring in dollars to fund their missions. And while these approaches certainly have value, it’s important for nonprofit professionals like you to explore and implement fresh, new fundraising campaigns to help boost your nonprofit’s visibility and impact. Let’s explore some innovative fundraising […]

Learn more about planning charity events in various formats from in-person to virtual.

In-Person vs. Virtual Charity Events: Key Considerations

Virtual events are here to stay as a now-standard option for diversifying your nonprofit’s event calendar. But that doesn’t mean classic, in-person experiences are a thing of the past – far from it. Instead, nonprofits are now faced with more options when it comes to choosing the format of an upcoming event. There are benefits […]