Learn how to use matching gifts and donation forms together effectively!

Incorporating Matching Gifts into Your Donation Form

As your organization looks for additional ways to raise revenue, there might be one prime opportunity you’re not tapping into: matching gifts. We’ve written about matching gifts before—and for good reason. When you incorporate matching gifts into your fundraising strategy, you can significantly boost your revenue. Don’t believe us? Check out these statistics. That aside, […]

Review: Best CMS For Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

What CMS is best for your next crowdfunding campaign? Read our review of both the Drupal and WordPress CMS and how they can catapult your crowdfunding efforts.

Creating a Hybrid Crowdfunding Event: The Basic Steps

Creating a hybrid crowdfunding event is an effective way to garner support for your campaign and engage your donors. Learn how to host one in this article.

These are the top matching gift programs your nonprofit should know.

The Top 18 Matching Gift Programs Your Nonprofit Should Know

As a nonprofit pro, it’s likely that you know a decent amount about matching gift programs.  For those who are a bit rusty, a matching gift program allows donors to give to a nonprofit and have their employer double or even triple the gift! And yet, far too many nonprofits don’t tap into this powerful […]

5 Creative Ways to Raise a Crowd With Direct Mail Appeals

Direct mail is too often pushed to the wayside in a primarily digital world. With the right strategy, it can have a substantial impact on your support base.