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4 Tips for Creating More Impactful Nonprofit Text Messages

Text messages are highly appealing to organizations looking to connect with more supporters—they’re fast, simple, and have the highest open rate of any nonprofit communication channel (98%). Instead of spending hours crafting the perfect email that donors may not even read, your team can send personal messages via text that supporters will see in minutes. But in […]

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Sustainable Fundraising: 3 Nonprofit Recycling Fundraisers

Nonprofit professionals are constantly seeking fresh new fundraising ideas to garner enough monetary support to power their purpose. However, for environmentally-focused organizations, it can be difficult to balance the need for fundraising and the waste that fundraising events produce. Even if your nonprofit doesn’t specifically deal with environmental issues, prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendliness is still a valuable […]

Corporate Gift-Matching Software-A Must-Have Fundraising Tool

Corporate Gift-Matching Software: A Must-Have Fundraising Tool

By now, you understand that the value of fundraising cannot be overstated⁠—and that the best ways to collect funds are constantly evolving. As more organizations utilize pieces of the ever-expanding nonprofit technology landscape, you want to be sure your team is equipped with the right tools to provide an optimal experience for your supporters. Today […]

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Feasibility Studies: Essential Tools or Optional Step?

If you are planning a capital campaign and you know that by hook or by crook the project that you are raising money for through your campaign is going to happen, you may wonder why you would test your plan with a feasibility study. Whatever the results of the study, you’re going to go ahead because […]

This guide explores how organizations can build community using their nonprofit CRM.

How to Build Community With Your Nonprofit CRM Software

Book clubs, running communities, and church members all have one thing in common: they consist of a strong community of like-minded people.  Your nonprofit’s supporters are similar. They believe in your cause, take action to support your mission, and advocate for your work. However, as a nonprofit leader, it’s up to you to cultivate this […]